SAITO Nobuhiro

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SAITO Nobuhiro
Kyushu University
International Student Center
Ph.D(Nagoya university), M.A.(Nagoya university)
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Academic & Professional Experience

Mar 2014
Associated Professor, International Student Center, Kyushu university
Apr 2011
Feb 2014
Assistant Professor, Kyushu university
Apr 2007
Mar 2011
Lecturer, Nagoya Gakuin university, International Student Center
Mar 2001
Feb 2004
Lecturer, Changwon National university


Apr 1997
Aug 2009
Department Japanese Language and Culture, Graduate school of Language and Culture, Nagoya university

Published Papers

Proficiency Level of Elementary Korean Particles by Native Japanese Speakers Learning Korean
SAITO Nobuhiro
Journal of Korean Language Education   13 77-90   Mar 2018
An experimental study of the distraction of the score by the clue of noun endings and particles on the Korean multiple-choice tests.
SAITO Nobuhiro, KIM Miseon, KOJIMA Daiki
Journal of Korean Language Education   12 1-16   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Evaluating a Korean grammatical ability test using the data elicited from native Chinese and Japanese speakers learning Korean
SAITO Nobuhiro, TAMAOKA Katsuo
STUDIA LINGUISICA   29 25-42   Dec 2015
An Inquiry into the Lexical Knowledge Examination for Korean Learners through the Approximation Procedure
SAITO Nobuhiro
Journal of the Academic Association of Koreanology in Japan   235 25-42   Apr 2015
A causal relationship between lexical ability and reading comprehension in Korean by native Japanese speakers
SAITO Nobuhiro, TAMAOKA Katsuo
STUDIA LINGUISTICA   28 111-124   Dec 2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Recognition of the Particle Sequence by Japanese Learners of Korean: Focusing on Reaction Time
KOJIMA Daiki, SAITO Nobuhiro, YAMATO Yuko
The 12th International Conference on Korean Language, Literature, and Culture : Issues and Perspectives in Korean Language & Culture Research in East Asia   9 Jan 2017   
The effect of differences between 4 readings and 2 readings on Kanji multiple-choice test.
SAITO Nobuhiro, OHGA Chiharu, YAMATO Yuko
The 11th International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies   20 Nov 2016   
Are pitch accent patterns necessary for lexical access by native Japanese speakers?
Katsuo Tamaoka, Sachiko Kiyama, Nobuhiro Saito, Kalinka Timmer, Rinus Verdonschot
AMLAP(Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing   7 Aug 2012   
SAITO Nobuhiro, TAMAOKA Katsuo, Bu Ikusin
KAJA   12 Feb 2011