Pi-Chao WANG

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Pi-Chao WANG
Job title


Although ES and iPS cells have been established and can be differentiated into several simple organs and tissues, the technique to differentiate and/or construct complicated structural organ such as kidney has not been accomplished yet. My research focuses on developing novel methods and techniques by introducing physical factors and designing excellular micro-environment which can response to the spatial and temporal change during cell assembly and lead to the tissue formation. The final aim of my research is to apply the developed techniques and cellular scaffolds to kidney regeneration, transplantation and renal therapy. The items of my research contain (a) development of new techniques to isolate, proliferate and differentiate renal cells in vitro, (b) designation of cell scaffolds such as transitional phase collagen, organic/inorganic materials to elucidate cell movement, adhesion and assembly on the scaffold, (c) search of physical factors such as hypoxia or microgravity for cell culture to facilitate vasculogenesis and angiogenesis during cell/tissue regeneration, (d) mass production and purification of promising inhibitors of immunological rejection during transplantation of cell/organ therapy, (e) elucidation of the mechanism of effective renal therapy by oriental plant drug and combination of the drug to kidney regeneration.

Published Papers

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Books etc

渡邉 和男, 王 碧昭, 陳 佳欣, 渡邊 高志
コロナ社   May 2008   ISBN:4339078816