OKABE Daisuke

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OKABE Daisuke
Juntendo University
Faculty of International Liberal Arts
Job title
Assistant Professor
Doctor of Philosophy in International Communication(Aoyama Gakuin University)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Shared discourses and related transitional points in nation-specific festivals in Tokyo: A case of the Myanmar Festival
Multicultural Relations   14 3-21   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
The Discursive Processes in the Production and Negotiation of Differences between Participants of a Cancer-Related Charity Event: An Interactive Positioning Analysis of Communication between a Medical Professional and a Cancer Survivor
OKABE Daisuke
Aoyama Gakuin University      Sep 2014   [Refereed]
Interactional Meanings of “Illness” from the Perspective of Pragmatic Resources: A Positioning Analysis of Narratives by a Japanese Nurse
OKABE Daisuke
Journal of Human Linguistics Circle   (9) 13-30   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
"Can you imagine how people suffering from cancer feel?": A preliminary casa analysis of communication between a cancer patient and a non-cancer patient using Positioning Theory
OKABE Daisuke & KAKAI Hisako
Aoyama journal of international politics, economics and business   (82) 121-160   Sep 2010
Attitudes of native-English-speaking teachers towards non-native varieties of English : a case study of British teachers of English
OKABE Daisuke
Aoyama Gakuin University      Mar 2005

Books etc

Katsuya TASAKI (Ed.) (Part:Contributor, Ch.14 (Basics of quantitative text analysis) & Ch.15(with Y. Kono, Applications of quantitative text analysis))
Nakanishiya Shuppan   Sep 2015   ISBN:4779509696
Kathy CHARMAZ (H.KAKAI & K. SUEDA (trans.).) (Part:Joint Translation, Ch.4 (Memo-writing))
Nakanishiya Shuppan   Dec 2008   ISBN:4779502993

Conference Activities & Talks

Discourse analysis and Social Issues: A comparison amongst analysers
KAWANO Kenji (Ritsumeikan University), YATSUZUKA Ichiro (Kumamoto University) & OKABE Daisuke (Juntendo University)
16th Annual Conference of Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology, Symposium   21 Sep 2019   
Re-diagnosis as a patient: Positioning cancer survivors by a Japanese nurse outside medical contexts
OKABE Daisuke
2nd International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Communication in Professional Contexts   15 Aug 2019   
Where narratives emerge and beyond: Exploring potentials of narrative inquiry
HOSAKA Yuko (University of Hyogo), KINOSHITA Yuko (Kindai University Kyushu Junior College) & OKABE Daisuke (Juntendo University)
15th Annual Conference of Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology, Symposium   25 Nov 2018   
Speculative Research on (Multi-)Cultural Relations (20th Anniversary Project of the Conference)
MINATO Kunio, KONO Hideki, OKABE Daisuke, TASAKI Katsuya, & INGULSRUD John
17th Annual Conference of Japan Society for Multicultural Relations   23 Sep 2018   
Loose connections to fight: Discursive practices to let “others” in at a participatory charity event for cancer in Japan
OKABE Daisuke
Second International Conference on Sociolinguistics (ICS.2)   7 Sep 2018   


Sep 2019   Kyoto University Summer Design School 2019(sds2019)
A 3-day design workshop. Theme: Re-designing “Coin-Parking (coin operated parking lot)” Scattered in the City Centre of Kyoto towards Area Revitalisation)
Aug 2019   CIID Summer School Copenhagen 2019
An intensive 5-day workshop for behavioural design. Participants from around the world were expected to work as a team and make a presentation about their solutions for Sustainable Development Goals at the end of the summer school.
Sep 2018   Kyoto University Summer Design School 2018(sds2018)
A three-day design workshop. Participants choose one out of 23 themes and produce and present an outcome at the end of the workshop. In the workshop, "Producing and Consuming Electricity Locally", the group raised questions about the future using the framework of Speculative Design, which focuses on problem-presentation rather than problem-solving.
Sep 2017   Completed the Seminar for International Health and Cooperation (Field study in Vietnam)
Completed Seminar for international health doing field study in Vietnam.
Jul 2017   Completed the Seminar for International Health and Cooperation (Intensive Lectures)
Completed intensive course lectures on international health: introduction to international health, maternal and child health, primary healthcare and health promotion, healthcare system, field research methods.