oguni ryuji

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oguni ryuji
Kwansei Gakuin University
Graduate School of Humanities

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Conference Activities & Talks

Anticipated warm-glow and guilt increase the intention to help a person in need in episodic simulation
Kobayashi, M., Oguni, R., & Otake, K.
21st Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology   26 Sep 2019   
Effect of imagination on prosociality: The role of anticipated positive emotion
Oguni, R., Kobayashi, M,, & Otake, K.
13th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology   11 Jul 2019   
Imagination enhances helping intention: The role of helping efficacy
Oguni, R., Kobayashi, M,, & Otake, K.
Object Perception, visual Attention, and visual Memory 2018,   15 Nov 2018   
Relation among character strengths, positive empathy, and subjective happiness
Oguni, R., & Otake, K.
31st Conference of the European Health Psychology Society   1 Sep 2017   
Effect of strength approach on strength knowledge and use in children
Oguni, R
31st International Congress of Psychology   27 Jul 2016