PENG Yujie

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PENG Yujie
National Museum of Ethnology
Graduate School of Asian and African Area StudiesDivision of African Area Studies

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Published Papers

The Evidence of Proximity: Tattoo Practices of the Baka in Southeastern Cameroon
PENG Yujie
Hunter Gatherer Research   2(1) 63-95   May 2016   [Refereed]


Book Review: Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin:Cultures, Histories, and Biology of African Pygmies. New Bruswick:Transaction Publishers
Sonoda,K.,Peng,Y.,Sekino,A.,Yanohara,Y.,Sekiguchi,K.,Hagino,I.,and Oishi,T.
Hunter Gatherer Research   1(2) 269-276   May 2015   [Refereed]

Books etc

Inscribing the Body: An Anthropological Study on the Tattoo Practice among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers in Southeastern Cameroon
PENG Yujie
Mar 2017   
Transmission of Body Decoration among the Baka Hunter-Gatherers
Yujie PENG (Part:Contributor, Hideaki Terashima, Barry S. Hewlett (eds.). Social Learning and Innovation in Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers: Evolutionary and Ethnographic Perspectives. 83-93)
Springer   Oct 2016