Hideyuki Takahashi

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Hideyuki Takahashi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Engineering Science
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Specially appointed lecturer
Ph.D (information science)(Hokkaido university)
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My research interest is how we perceive minds in various non-living agents, e.g. robot, natural phenomena, spirit and so on. To tackle this problem, I am performing various experiments by using both of behavioral and neuroimaging methods (fMRI). Especially, I'm interested in human-robot or human-agent interaction settings. Ultimately, I would like to figure out how our mind and society are developed throughout personal life span and human history.

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Published Papers

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The emergence of “Sense of agency” contributes to self-recognition. However there are few useful experimental paradigms for evaluating the development process of the sense of agency in young infants because the sense of agency is a sub...
TAKAHASHI Hideyuki, OMORI Takashi
Cognitive Studies   18(1) 138-157   Mar 2011
Human being can be called “social animal”. There are no other animals that can communicate with other individuals in common with human. Many researchers are interested in cognitive and neural functions that exist behind advanced human ...
TAKAHASHI Hideyuki, OKADA Hiroyuki
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Communication is a basis of social ability in human. It is an exchange of information among multiple entities, and within this, ambiguity has been thought to be unnecessary for communication. This paper proposed a hypothesis that ambiguity is incl...
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