researchmap  comprehensively  collects and provides data on research institutions and researchers, etc. relating to the universities and public institutions in Japan. 

As a comprehensive list of researchers in Japan, researchmap is regarded as the largest database of researcher information in Japan.


researchmap’s services are provided and operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).


The research and development concerning the services provided by this project is carried out by the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS), specifically by the National Institute of Informatics ( NII ), which is the Inter-University Research Institute of ROIS, as commissioned by JST.



Furthermore, separate to the commission by JST, ROIS and NII will develop applications based on cutting edge research in areas such as information distribution, information recommendation and Semantic Web,etc. and is expected to give feedback on these achievements to the service.


researchmap enables users to search researchers by their field of research, associated organizations or research keywords, or gain access to various information such as the researchers’profiles and their achievements.


In addition, researchers can easily create their own researcher webpage, and there are a range of useful tools that assists this such as researcher communities, cabinet files for distributing materials and researcher blogs. 


The registration and renewal of researcher data is conducted by researchmap, and then the data is displayed by researchmap and  J-GLOBAL.