Pattern -1-

Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the screen if you have a Kakenhi Researcher Number (e-Rad Researcher Number)

  researchmap is a Web service catered to the researchers who are conducting research activities in Japan, and also Japanese researchers who are conducting research activities overseas.
In order to register with researchmap, please follow either of the procedures below.
However, you may be already registered with researchmap.
Before registering, please check whether you are registered using the researcher search page, and if you are not yet registered please follow the registration procedures.

1. Register using a Kakenhi Researcher Number (e-Rad Researcher Number): Please click on the link on the top right of the “First Time Registration” screen, and fill in necessary information including your Kakenhi Researcher Number, name, email address. Your new ID will be issued there and then. The KAKEN website is useful for looking up your own Kakenhi Researcher Number.


2. Registration by invite: If you receive an invitation from a researcher who is already registered with researchmap, you will be issued with an ID there and then. To search for a researcher that you know, please use the “Researcher Search” function under the header menu.

3. Request for first time registration: If neither 1 nor 2 applies to you and you wish to register for the first time, please use the following registration form and request for first time registration. After verification the administrative office of researchmap will send you an invitation. Please read the cautions in red when filling in the form. Since the invitation procedure requires visual checking, it is carried out manually. If you do not receive an invitation by email for over a week even after you have filled in all the items correctly, then sorry for the inconvenience but please contact us using the contact form.

Pattern -2- New registration form

New registration form

Please put down your email other than the one for your mobile phone.

Please write down the official name. If you are a graduate student indicate the year and your research department. Please also specify any other information such as you are part-time, etc.

In order to ensure that you are the researcher, please always write down the titles of your main research papers (or book) and the name of the journal or bulletin (or publisher).

If you live overseas, please enter the postal code of your current address.