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Researcher Information Registration Terms of Service

1. Terms of Service
These Terms of Service governs the access to and the use of services by users (including users who registerd with ReaD on or before 31st August 2011, and users who registered with Researachmap on or before 20th October 2011. Hereinafter referred to as the “User” or “You”) who register their own information on the “researchmap” (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) provided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as “JST”). Also, regardless of whether the information was registered by the Users themselves or through an organization that the User belongs to, the User hereby agrees to the Terms of Service and commits to abide by them.
The research and development of the system for the Service is carried out by the Research Organization of Information and Systems (hereinafter referred to as “ROIS”), in particular the National Institute of Informatics (hereinafter referred to as “NII”) which is the inter-university research institute of ROIS, as commissioned by JST. Furthermore, separate to the commission by JST, ROIS and NII will develop applications based on cutting edge research achievements in areas such as information distribution, information recommendation and Semantic Web (this will be called trial services). In order to use trial services the User must agree to the separate Terms of Service of ROIS.
JST reserves the right to change or add to portions of the Terms of Service at any time. The changes or added portions will appear on the top screen of the Service. After the notice of change is displayed, by actually using the Service, Users are deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Service.  

2 Governing Language of the Terms of Service
The Japanese Terms of Service may be translated into other languages for the convenience of the Users of other countries. The language text of the Japanese Terms of Service will prevail in the event of a conflict between the Japanese Terms of Service and the translated version.

3 About the Service Offered by JST
Users agree that JST reserves the right to carry out any of the following items from time to time at its sole discretion, without prior notice:
(1) To change the content of the Service or suspend/terminate.
(2) To invalidate any account held by the Users of this Service. As a result the Users will not be able to access the Service.

4. Use of the Service by the User
By using the Service, the User agrees to abide by the following items:
(1) When using the Service you will provide names, e-mail address, organization name and any other information required by JST;
(2) You will use the Service for research and development purposes only and not for any other purposes;
(3) You will access the Service by the interface provided by JST and ROIS, and not access the Service by any other means;
(4) You will not transfer or sub-license any part of the rights to use the Service;
(5) JST is not responsible for any damages, losses or liabilities, etc. incurred as a result of the use of the Service;
(6) JST will not be involved in any dispute between you and a third party (including other Users) in relation to the use of the Service, and you are responsible for seeking a settlement for these disputes and any costs incurred.

5. Security of User Accounts and Passwords
You agree and understand that you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the User ID and password to be used to access the Service.
 You agree that any use of the User ID and password will be deemed by JST as being used by the User.
Accordingly, you agree that you will be solely responsible for all activities that occur under the User ID and password used to access the Service.
If you become aware of, or suspect any unauthorised use of your User ID and password that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of, you must notify JST promptly, and you must agree to cooperate fully with JST in any subsequent procedures.

6. Handling of Personal Information
You agree that JST may use or transfer your personal information (including information registered through affiliated organizations, etc. Hereinafter referred to as “registered information”) which you have registered with the Service including items undisclosed on the researchmap website (excluding any undisclosed information where the User has not given permission for public disclosure) for the following purposes:
(1) The public disclosure of information registered under the items for public disclosure on the researchmap website;
(2) Use or provision as material for planning and drafting the nation’s academic, scientific, technologic and higher education policies;
(3) Provision of registered information based on request of the organization written as the main organization, request of the organization that registered the registered information, or request of the organization that has obtained authorization from the relevant organization;
(4) (i) Use as basic data for research relating to producing statistical information or the nation’s academic research trends, (ii) use as basic data for information analysis by a computer, to the extent necessary for research and development of software and services that is carried out for the purpose of expanding the research information providing service, (iii) provision for use concerning the “NII Scholarly and Academic Information Portal”;
(5) Use to improve the systems of the Service provided by JST and systems provided by JST such as J-GLOBAL (Comprehensive Gateway Linking Multiple Scientific and Technological Databases);
(6) Use or provision other than those listed in each of the preceding items and that are within the scope authorized by “Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc.”
You agree that JST may share the public information portions of what you have registered as information regarding researchers, using the application program interface provided by JST, with a system managed by a third party approved by JST.
 You agree that JST may allow access to the public information portions of the registered information over the Internet using researchmap, J-GLOBAL (Comprehensive Gateway Linking Multiple Scientific and Technological Databases) and other services provided by JST.

7. Registered Information
The use of this Service and the registration of Registered Information (including registration through affiliated organizations, etc.) is taken at your own risk.  You will be solely responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the Registered Information.  JST will not be held responsible in any way for your failure to do this.
You agree that when Registered Information that contains any content that is illegal or infringes or violates the rights of any other party or against public order and standards of decency is registered (includes cases in which such likelihood is pointed out or expressed by public organizations or experts (such as the State, public entities, certification bodies regulated in the Guideline for the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Sender, Internet Hotlines or lawyers, etc.)), JST may, without further notice or warning and in its sole discretion, remove any or all of the relevant Registered Information or change the extent of disclosure, etc..
The User agrees that they are ultimately responsible for backing up their own Registered Information. JST will not be held responsible for any loss of Registered Information or missing Registered Information concerning the Service.
You also acknowledge and understand that you may be exposed, during the process of using the Service, to Registered Information that contains expressions that are indecent or unpleasant, and agree to use the Service at your own risk.
8. Proprietary Right
The User acknowledges that the information provided by the Service, names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and any other Intellectual Property Rights and all other proprietary rights related to the Service belong to JST, ROIS and other third parties, and agrees not to violate these intellectual property rights or other rights.

9. Modifying and changing Registered Information
The User agrees that JST may carry out beneficial changes (such as changes so the relevant information is indicated clearly according to the device that accesses the Registered Information, or adding links to other services that enable the content of the Registered Information to be shown) regarding the Registered Information so J-GLOBAL (Comprehensive Gateway Linking Multiple Scientific and Technological Databases) and other services provided by JST is running smoothly and without faults.
The User agrees that JST may update the achievement list of the Registration Information based on data such as bibliographic data provided by the National Diet Library, the NII, and any other third party organizations approved by JST.
The User agrees that JST may amend the content of the achievement list of the Registered Information when an amendment is requested by relevant third parties (universities, research institutions, researchers, etc.) and after appropriate investigation has been conducted. JST will notify You by sending an e-mail to your registered e-mail address with the Service when such data amendment is to be carried out.

10 Termination of the Relationship between JST and the User
The User may cancel the use of the Service at any time by visiting the web page provided for cancelation procedures on researchmap. If You are not using this web page, You can cancel the use of the Service at any time by sending JST a notification e-mail or content-certified mail at least 2 weeks before the desired cancellation date
JST may terminate the use of the Service by the User at any time by sending the User a notification e-mail or a private message at least 2 weeks before the desired cancellation date.
The User agrees that JST may terminate the use of the Service by the User at any time without prior notice to the User, apart from what is listed in the preceding 10-2, when any of the following circumstances have emerged:
(1) When the User violates any provisions of these Terms of Service;
(2) When JST terminates this Service;
(3) When JST disables Your account;
(4) Any other circumstances emerge when the continuation of the Service to the User is difficult.
Termination of the use of the Service by the User shall not affect the accrued rights and liabilities of the User or JST that have come about during the use of the Service by the User.

11. Disclaimer of Warranties
JST makes no warranty with respect to the Service on the following points, and in no event shall JST be liable to the User for any damages, etc. arising from the use of the Service under conditions that differ from the items listed below:
(1) Problems such as interruptions and error do not occur while using the Service;
(2) The results and information obtained from the Service is correct, accurate, reliable, and useful;
(3) Damages to the system or device, loss of data, and any other damages will not arise as a result of the User downloading or saving data during the use of the Service; 
(4) The Service is provided continuously without changes or termination;
(5) The content provided by the Service is not lost;
(6) The content provided by the Service will not be divulged or leaked to external, third parties;
(7) The User can control their data logs and footprints, etc. of the Service.
The User agrees that not limited to the preceding paragraph, JST does not provide warrantee whatsoever unless express warranty is given in respect of an item in these Terms of service.

12 Governing Law and Jurisdiction
The User agrees that the Terms of Service will be governed by the laws of Japan. Conflicts related to the Service will be governed primarily under the
exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court in the first instance.

13 Prohibited Actions
The Users are prohibited from the following actions concerning the use of the Service. The User agrees that JST reserves the right to close a User’s account, terminate the User’s use of the Service, or delete/prevent delivery, etc. of the whole or a part of the User’s Registered Information when it is determined that the User has engaged in unacceptable conducts.
(1) Infringement or suspected infringement of copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of JST or other parties.
(2) Infringement or suspected infringement of the property, privacy or portrait rights of JST or other parties.
(3) Actions that unfairly discriminate or slander JST or other parties and promote unfair discrimination of other parties or damage their honour or credibility.
(4)  Actions that unlawfully use the Service by misrepresenting yourself as another person, by pretending to have the right of representation or power of attorney despite a lack of such right or power, by pretending to have qualifications/experiences despite a lack of such qualifications/experiences or by pretending to have partnership and collaborative relationship with another person or organization.
 (5) Actions that lead to or may lead to fraud, abuse of controlled drugs, child prostitution, illegal sale of bank deposit accounts or mobile phones, or other crimes.
(6) Carrying out of any of the following actions in relation to any information judged to contain contents of obscenity, child pornography, or child abuse:
(i) Posting or displaying such information;
(ii) Selling material that contains such information;
(iii) Posting or displaying advertisements that evoke the transmission, display, selling of material that contains such information.
(7) Using with a purpose of conducting sexual intercourse, obscene actions or to meet with someone of the opposite sex whom the User has not been acquainted with.
(8) Leading others to bet and gamble or solicit others to engage in illegal betting/ gambling.
(9) Undertaking, mediating, or inducing illegal actions (such as transfer of pistols, etc., manufacturing of explosives, provision of child pornography, counterfeiting of official documents, murder and intimidation, etc.).
(10) Inducing or inviting others to commit suicide.
(11) Posting or displaying of information containing the following content (hereinafter referred to as “the Content”):
(i) Content showing murder or injury scenes;
(ii) Content showing corpse images;
(iii) Content showing other brutal action scenes.
 (12) Posting information that contains the following content to a section within the Service that allows posting, or sending such information to other users by messaging:
(i) Information for the purpose of commercial publicity, advertisement or solicitation. However this excludes information that has been approved by JST;
(ii) Information that contains affiliate links. However this excludes information that has been approved by JST;
(iii) Information that solicits others to participate in pyramid schemes, chain mails, MLM (multi-level marketing), Paid to Read E-mail or other similar activities;
 (iv) Information that directs others to (including simply providing a link) websites that JST deems inappropriate including adult websites, one-click fraud websites, and websites that aim at spreading viruses and other harmful computer programs;
(v) Any other Content that JST deems inappropriate.
(13) Sending of unsolicited emails to other users.
(14) Engagement in the following spamming activity:
(i) Spam posting/spam messages: An action whereby one or more users post the same or similar sentences to a section for posting on the Service website or send these sentences as messages.
(ii) Spam words: An action whereby one or more users post the relevant word to a section for posting on the Service website.
(iii) Spam URL: An action whereby one or more users post the same URL to a section for posting on the Service website, or send this URL as messages.
(iv) Any other actions that JST deems as a spamming activity.
(15) Holding of several accounts by 1 person or joint holding of a single account by several persons, unless individually accepted by JST.
(16) Using another user’s ID or password.
(17) Unauthorised alteration or deletion of information stored in the equipment of JST.
(18) Transmitting or posting viruses or other harmful computer programs.
(19) Imposing a burden on the server of JST or others, or any act that poses a problem or may pose a problem for the operation of the Service and the network system.
(20) Providing links to encourage an action, knowing that the action may fall under any of the preceding items.
(21) Actions that are deemed by JST to be against any law, ordinance, public order, standards of decency, Terms of Service or other various regulations, or to be an infringement of any right of others.
(22) Any other actions deemed by JST to be inappropriate.