Takashi KODA

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Takashi KODA

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2001
TV Asahi

Published Papers

Kohda Takashi, Nagata Haruki
JIMS   13(1) 15-31   2014
 Home video recorders have spread over the country. Now people are able to watch TV program in their favorite time utilizing the recording function. In other words home video recorders facilitate 'time-shifted viewing' of TV broadcasts. In additio...
KOHDA Takashi, NAGATA Haruki
JIMS   11(1) 15-31   2012
Recently broadcasting for video images has implemented in various ways utilizing high-speed Internet. And CGM (Consumer Generated Media) such as weblogs and social networking services has rapidly been in widespread use, which makes interchangeable...


KOHDA Takashi, KAWARASAKI Masatoshi
IEICE technical report. Information networks   107(98) 1-6   Jun 2007
The concept of the server based digital broadcasting system is to achieve broadcast program viewing at anytime and anywhere by using large-scale storage system and metadata. The storage may locate at home as a home-server or within a network as a ...