IBARAKI Toshiyuki

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IBARAKI Toshiyuki
Fukuoka Agricultural Research Center
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Special Researcher

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IBARAKI Toshiyuki, FUJITOMI Shin-ich, ISHITSUKA Akiko, YANAKA Mikiko
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition   60(2) 266-275   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
IBARAKI Toshiyuki, KUROYANAGI Naohiko, MURAKAMI Masaharu
Soil science and plant nutrition   55(3) 421-427   Jun 2009
Some indica rice varieties are potential phytoextractors for paddy fields polluted with Cd because of their high biomass and because they can accumulate Cd to moderate levels in their shoots. To establish a practical phytoextraction system, phytoe...
Ibaraki Toshiyuki, Kadoshige Kazuhiro, Murakami Masaharu
Soil science and plant nutrition   51(6) 893-898   Oct 2005
To develop a new method for the extraction of plant-available cadmium (Cd), the correlation between the Cd content of polluted soil extracted with several extractants and the Cd content of wheat plants (variety "A"; Triticum aestivum L.) was exami...
Kyusyu University   (18) 88P   Sep 2002
IBARAKI Toshiyuki, ISHII Toshinao, BABA Noriko, IKEDA Hironobu, IKEMATSU Emi, OHTA Hideaki
Food Science and Technology Research   7(3) 258-261   Aug 2001
To determine a useful method for evaluating the quality of fresh-cut Welsh onions (Allium fistulosum L.), the onions were examined and electrical conductivity (EC), potassium and ammonia contents of electrolyte solution extracted from them were co...
IBARAKI Toshiyuki, ISHII Toshinao, IKEDA Hironobu, IKEMATSU Emi, SHIINA Takeo, OHTA Hideaki
Food Science and Technology Research   6(4) 340-343   Nov 2000
A theoretical model of the atmosphere within polymeric film and shipping containers was developed and validated by experiments with or without Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.). There were three processes in the model: respiration of fresh vegeta...
IBARAKI Toshiyuki, ISHII Toshinao, IKEMATSU Emi, IKEDA Hironobu, OHTA Hideaki
Food Science and Technology Research   6(2) 126-129   May 2000
The chemical components and quality stability of pre-cut Welsh onion wrapped in an unperforated or micro-perforated orientated polypropylene (OPP) film package were evaluated during storage at 10°C. The concentration of oxygen (O2) in t...
IBARAKI Toshiyuki, IKEDA Hironobu, OHTA Hideaki
Food Science and Technology Research   5(1) 93-96   Feb 1999
Chemical components and quality of Welsh onion (Allium fistulosum L.) wrapped roughly or completely heat-sealed with orientated polypropylene (OPP) film were investigated during storage at 5 and 20°C. Concentrations of oxygen (O2) and c...


AKAHANE Ikuko,MAKINO Tomoyuki,MAEJIMA Yuji,KAMIYA Takashi,TAKANO Hiroyuki,IBARAKI Toshiyuki,INAHARA Makoto
JARQ   47(3) 273-281   Jul 2013
安部匡, 倉俣正人, 岩崎玄行, 本間利光, 茨木俊行, 山本敏央, 矢野昌裕, 村上政治, 石川覚
育種学研究   15(2) 17-24   Jun 2013
MURAKAMI Masaharu,AE Noriharu,ISHIKAWA Satoru,IBARAKI Toshiyuki,ITO Masashi
Environ Sci Technol   42(16) 6167-6172   Aug 2008
食品の試験と研究   (33) 88-89   1998

Conference Activities & Talks

Practical phytoextraction system in Japan using high cadmium accumulating rice plant [Invited]
IBARAKI Toshiyuki
Risk Alleviation Technologies for Arsenic and Cadmium Contamination of Foods in Monsoon Asia   29 Oct 2012   
Practical phytoextraction system in Japan using high cadmium accumulating rice plant [Invited]
IBARAKI Toshiyuki
MARCO Satellite International Symposium 2012   Oct 2012   
茨木俊行, 角重和浩, 田中賢太
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   8 Aug 2011   
茨木俊行, 黒柳直彦
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   7 Sep 2010   
茨木俊行, 黒柳直彦
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   15 Sep 2009   
茨木俊行, 黒柳直彦
農林水産生態系における有害化学物質の総合管理技術の開発研究成果発表会要旨集 食と環境の安全を求めて-農林水産生態系における有害化学物質 平成19年   2007   
茨木俊行, 角重和浩, 黒柳直彦, 藤冨慎一
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   5 Sep 2006   
茨木俊行, 角重和浩
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   14 Sep 2004   
Evaluation of soil bio-available cadmium for wheat
IBARAKI Toshiyuki
The 23rd NIASE symposium   2003   

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Project Year: 2003 - 2007