Okano, Hideyuki

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Okano, Hideyuki
Keio University
School of Medicine Department of Physiology
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Dean, Graduate School of Medicine
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Aug 1985
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Committee Memberships

慶應義塾大学  Committee Member
Apr 2004
Mar 2007
日本炎症・再生医学会学会誌「炎症・再生」  Editor-in-chief
Apr 2004
Mar 2005
文部科学省研究振興局  Committee Member
Jan 2004
Jan 2006
文部科学省研究振興局  Committee Member
Jan 2004
Jan 2005
厚生労働省健康局  Expert Committee Member

Awards & Honors

Faculty Award for Internalization 2016 (Impact factor Most Outstanding Award), 慶應義塾大学
Molecular Brain Award, The Association for the Study of Neurons and Diseases (A.N.D.)
幹細胞を用いた脊髄損傷の再生医療, 第51回ベルツ賞(1等賞), 日本ベーリンガーインゲルハイム
Stem Cell Innovator Award, GeneExpression Systems & Apasani Research Conference USA
The Johnson & Johnson Innovation Award, 日本再生医療学会

Published Papers

Mikoshiba Katsuhiko, Fujishiro Masatoshi, Kohsaka Shinichi, Okano Hideyuki, Takamatsu Ken, Tsukada Yasuzo
Neurochemical Research   10(8) 1129-1141   Aug 1985
<p>The twitcher is an autosomal recessive mutant mouse characterized by absence of galactosylceramidase. The twitcher shows clinical and histological features similar to those of human Krabbe-type leukodystrophy. We here present the results of a n...
Molecular genetic analysis of myelin-deficient mice: shiverer mutant mice show deletion in gene(s) coding for myelin basic protein.
1) Kimura M, Inoko H, Katsuki M, Ando, A, Sato T, Hirose T, Takashima H, Inayama S, Okano H, Takamatsu K, Mikoshiba K, Tsukada Y, Watanabe I.
Journal of Neurochemistry   44 692-696   1985   [Refereed]
The gene expression of myelin basic proteins (MBPs) in shiverer mutant mice was investigated by the Northern and Southern hybridization techniques. In the control mice RNA molecules from the brains which were about 2,300 nucleotides in length were...
P400 protein characteristic to Purkinje cells and related proteins in cerebella from neuropathological mutant mice
Mikoshiba K., Okano H., Tsukada Y.
Developmental Neuroscience   7(3) 179-187   1985
<p>P400 protein has been found in the cerebellum and localizes to Purkinje cells. It is a glycoprotein and reacts with plant lectins. Autoradiographic patterns of the protein profiles of mutant mice cerebella after intracranial injectio...
Immunohistochemical, biochemical and electron microscopic analysis of myelin formation in the central nervous system of myelin deficient (mld) mutant mice.
Mikoshiba K., Okano H., Inoue Y., Fujishiro M., Takamatsu K., Lachapelle F., Baumann N., Tsukada Y.
Brain Research   432(1) 111-121   Sep 1987
<p>Myelin deficiency (mld) is an autosomal recessive mutation in mice and is considered to be allelic to the shiverer (shi) mutation. Mld mice are characterized by hypomyelination of the central nervous system (CNS). They show typical symptoms suc...
Okano H., Miura M., Moriguchi A., Ikenaka K., Tsukada Y., Mikoshiba K.
Journal of Neurochemistry   48(2) 470-476   1987
<p>A hereditary dysmyelination mutation, named myelin deficient (mld), is considered to be allelic to shiverer, a deletion mutation of the myelin basic protein (MBP) gene. The present study showed that MBP expression is greatly reduced in mld, but...


Sadato N., Morita K., Kasai K., Fukushi T., Nakamura K., Nakazawa E., Okano H., Okabe S.
Neuron   101(3) 385-389   Feb 2019
© 2019 Elsevier Inc. The Brain/MINDS project aims to further understand the human brain and neuropsychiatric disorders through “translatable” biomarkers. Here, we describe the neuroethical issues of the project that have arisen from clinical data ...
de Lorenzo V., Prather K., Chen G., O'Day E., von Kameke C., Oyarzún D., Hosta-Rigau L., Alsafar H., Cao C., Ji W., Okano H., Roberts R., Ronaghi M., Yeung K., Zhang F., Lee S.
EMBO Reports   19(4)    Apr 2018
Sipp D., Okano H.
Cell Stem Cell   22(2) 153-156   Feb 2018
© 2018 Elsevier Inc. The Japanese government initiated sweeping reforms targeting regenerative medicine in 2014, accompanied by substantial investment into stem cell research and development. We survey the impact of these developments and discuss ...

Books etc

'多田敬典, 岡野栄之' (Part:Joint Work, 219-229)
May 2003   
'徳永暁憲, 岡野栄之' (Part:Joint Work, 167-176)
May 2003   
Chapter 18. Neuron Regeneration Using iPS Cells.
OKANO HIDEYUKI (Part:Joint Work, 315-332)
Science Publishers, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL,   2013   
Transplantation of neural stem cells for spinal cord regeneration.
Springer-Verlag (Heidelberg, Germany)   2008   
Functions of neural RNA-binding proteins Musashi and Hu in stem cells and neuronal differentiation.
OKANO HIDEYUKI (Part:Joint Work, 107-121)
Research Signpost, Kerala, India,   2008   

Conference Activities & Talks

Self-renewal of neural stem cells and CNS repair [Invited]
Okano Hideyuki
'Pre-Meeting Workshop:Neural Stem Cell Biology and Potential Therapeutic Applicaiton ''American Society for Neurochemictry'''   May 2003   
Attempts toward the stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries [Invited]
Okano Hideyuki
IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience   Jul 2003   
Stem cells for neurodegenerative diseases [Invited]
Okano Hideyuki
<Stem cells:From Genetics to Cell Therapy> An International Symposium sponsored by the Tore Nilsson and Marcus Wallenberg foundation   Sep 2003   
Regulation of NOTCH signaling during proliferation and differentiation of postembryonic neuroblasts
'Toriya Masako, Nakao Keiko, Okano Hideyuki'
2003 Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Neurology of Drosophila   Oct 2003   
Identification of the gene involved in the differentiation of the postembryonic neuroblast
'Hirota Yuki, Toriya Masako, Nakao Keiko, Okano Hideyuki'
European Drosophila Research Conference   Oct 2003   

Teaching Experience



The Others   Oct 2003 - Sep 2005
The Others   Oct 2001 - Sep 2003
The Others   Oct 2001 - Sep 2003

Research Grants & Projects

MEXT,JSPS: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Jul 2014 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): 岡野 栄之


6099867 : ヒト分化細胞由来多能性幹細胞に由来する胚様体及び/又は神経幹細胞の培養方法
5898672 : Therapeutic agent for corneal sensory nerve damage containing semaphorin inhibitor as active ingredient
5885205 : 神経幹細胞の自己複製促進剤およびその使用方法
ZL201180048515.3 : Preparation for treatment of spinal cord injury
9,040,062 : Preparation for treatment of spinal cord injury