HAYASHI Yukihiro

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HAYASHI Yukihiro
Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute
Electronics and Information Department
Job title
Chief Researcher
Master's degree

Research Areas



Y. Hayashi, T. Katoh, H. Ikeda, A. Sakai, S. Zaima and Y. Yasuda Application of a two-step Growth to the formation of epitaxial CoSi2 films on Si(001) surfaces:Comparative study using Reactive deposition epitaxy
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   Vol. 40 269-275    2001
Y. Hayashi, M. Yoshinaga, H. Ikeda, S. Zaima and Y. Yasuda, Solid-phase epitaxial growth of CoSi2 on oxygen-adsorbed Si(001) surfaces
Surface Science 438 (1999) 116-122   
Y. Hayashi, Y. Matsuoka, H. Ikeda, S. Zaima amd Y. Yasuda, Effects of initial surface states on formation processes of epitaxial CoSi2(100) on Si(100)
Thin Solid Films 343-344 (1999) 562-566   
Y. Hayashi, Y. Matsuoka, T. Katoh, H. Ikegami, H. Ikeda, S. Zaima and Y. Yasuda, A new growth method of epitaxial cobalt disilicide on Si(100)
Advanced Metalization and Interconnect Systems for ULSI Applications in 1997 (Materials Research Society, Warrendale, PA, 1998) pp.663-668   
Y. Hayashi, A. Sakai, H. Ikeda, S. Zaima and Y. Yasuda, Reactive Deposition Epitaxy of CoSi2 Films on Clean and Oxygen-Adsorbed Si(001) Surfaces
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   Vol. 42 pp. 7482-7488 

Research Grants & Projects

Connection reliability of Pb-free solder