SUZUKI Hidenori

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SUZUKI Hidenori
Nippon Medical School

Academic & Professional Experience

Nippon Medical School 
Researcher, Department of Cardiovascular
postdoctoral fellow, Department of Pathology,
postdoctoral fellow, Department of Cardiovascular
Medical Science, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Kitasoto University, School of Hygiene

Awards & Honors

May 2002
Paper award, Japanese Society of Microscopy
Apr 1992
Incentive award, Japanese Society of Hematology

Published Papers

Redistribution of α-granule membrane glycoprotein 2b/3a (integrin αllbβ3) to the surface membrane of human platelets during the release reaction.
Suzuki H, Kaneko T, Sakamoto T, Nakagawa M, Miyamoyo T, Yamada M, Tanoue K:
J Electron Microsc   43(5) 282-289   Oct 1994   [Refereed]
Immunocytochemical localization of fibrinogen during thrombin-induced aggregation of washed human platelets.
Blood   71(5) 1310-1320   May 1988   [Refereed]


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Research Grants & Projects

Ultrastructural study on platelet adhesion and aggregation