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National Institute of Biomedical Innovation
Research Center for Medicinal Plant Resources
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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hoshi University

Published Papers

Evaluation of the quality of Chinese and Vietnamese cassia using LC-MS and multivariate analysis.
Tanaka K, Li F, Tezuka Y, Watanabe S, Kawahara N, Kida H
Natural product communications   8 75-78   Jan 2013   [Refereed]
Fuchino H, Daikonya A, Kumagai T, Goda Y, Takahashi Y, Kawahara N
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin   61 497-503   2013   [Refereed]
Fuchino H, Kiuchi F, Yamanaka A, Obu A, Wada H, Mori-Yasumoto K, Kawahara N, Flores D, Palacios O, Sekita S, Satake M
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin   61 979-982   2013   [Refereed]
Inui T, Kawano N, Shitan N, Yazaki K, Kiuchi F, Kawahara N, Sato F, Yoshimatsu K
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin   35 650-659   2012   [Refereed]
Yoshimatsu K, Kawano N, Kawahara N, Akiyama H, Teshima R, Nishijima M
Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan   132 629-674   2012   [Refereed]


Anjiki Naoko, Hosoe Junko, Fuchino Hiroyuki, Ikezaki Hidekazu, Mikage Masayuki, Kawahara Nobuo, Goda Yukihiro
19(1) 32-37   Apr 2012
Recently, it has been recognized effectiveness and functionality of aromatherapy, a natural holistic approach to therapy using essential oils and other plant extracts. Many common essential oils have been used for such as perfume materials, flavor...
Fuchino Hiroyuki, Hishida Atsuyuki, Akagi Ken-ichi, Kiuchi Fumiyuki, Kawahara Nobuo
The Japanese journal of pharmacognosy   66(1) 1-16   Feb 2012
The effects of growth stage, top-pinching, and drying temperature on the saponin constituents of Achyranthes roots were examined. No marked difference in saponin constituents was observed either between the two original plants, Achyranthes fauriei...
Doui Misato, Anjiki Naoko, Ina Sayuri, Yoshimitsu Michiyo, Kawahara Nobuo, Goda Yukihiro, Kakiuchi Nobuko, Mikage Masayuki
The Japanese journal of pharmacognosy   65(2) 103-107   Aug 2011
In recent years, decocting machines have come into practical use. These machines can provide one month's packages of decoction at one operation. Thus, patients can have their Kampo formula decocted by pharmacists with stable quality. However, it i...
Matsumoto Teruki, Anjiki Naoko, Arifuku Kazunori, Kawahara Nobuo, Goda Yukihiro
Japanese journal of food chemistry   18(1) 43-47   Apr 2011
As a part of development of profiling anlysis for raw material in the health foods, sixteen kinds of Setsucha products purchased from the Japanese market were performed principal component analysis (PCA) based on the bucket integration of ^1H NMR ...
Kiuchi Fumiyuki, Goda Yukihiro, Ishizaki Masahiro, Ito Hiroyuki, Kawasaki Takeshi, Kawahara Nobuo, Kammoto Toshihiro, Kikuchi Yuichi, Kondo Seizo, Sugimoto Chishio, Narukawa Yuji, Higano Taro, Yamamoto Yutaka
The Japanese journal of pharmacognosy   65(1) 25-32   Feb 2011
The crude drug identification tests which use a 1-butanol/water/acetic acid solvent system for TLC in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia were examined. Comparison of TLC chromatograms from 7 laboratories, using commercially available TLC plates purchased ...

Research Grants & Projects

Evaluation of the taste of a Kampo formula by a taste-sensing system
Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants
Project Year: 2004