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Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nihon University College of Engineering, Department of Architecture
Apr 2011
Mar 2013
National Institute of Public Health


Apr 1972
Mar 1978
Yokohama National University
Apr 1978
Mar 1981
Yokohama National University
Apr 1981
Mar 1986
Kobe University

Published Papers

J. Jpn. Acad. Home Health Care   7(1) 31-39   Dec 2003   [Refereed]
J. of Research on Social and Economic Life   45(1) 24-36   Jun 2005   [Refereed]
Utility of "Floor Plan Sketches" for providing effective assessments for in-home care workers and other related professionals
17(1) 12-19   Jun 2016   [Refereed]


Life and Environment   58(2) 25-30   Feb 2013
Jpn. J. of Comprehensive Rehabilitation   11(1) 11-20   Jun 2010
J. NIPH   59(2) 125-138   Jun 2010
The Quarterly of Social Security Research   44(4) 486-489   Mar 2009
Jpn. J. for Public Health Nurse   54(6) 492-499   Jun 1998   [Refereed]

Conference Activities & Talks

The Ways of Dwelling of Frail Elderly Resultsof Discussion Using "Floor Plan Sketches"
Keiko Kudo, Akira Suzuki, Ikuko Takahashi, Kumi Inomata, Hiroko amino
The 3rd KORIA-JAPAN Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing   3 Jul 2016   
How do parents think the hoist system in the bathroom for children with disabilities?
Akira Nishimura, Kazuoki Ohara, Yuko Noguchi, Michiko Bando, Akira Suzuki, Shio Hayashi
The 5th Conference on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of Korea   4 Nov 2011   Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of Korea
A study on support activities through collaboration of public health nurses and environmental health officers at the time of disaster
Hiroko Okuda, Akira Suzuki, Tomofumi Sone, Aiko Shiga, Satoe Ono
The 2nd Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing   17 Jul 2011   Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing
The issue of living environment for children with physically handicapped. Change of the way of bathing aids after moving house
Akira Nishimura, Yuko Noguchi, Shio Hayashi, Michiko Bando, Akira Suzuki, Kazuoki Ohara
Technical Conference on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of Korea   Nov 2010   Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of Korea
Municipalities' housing programs for the elderly living alone in Japan
Akira Suzuki, Tamako Hayashi
The 16th International Congress of Gerontology   Aug 1989   International Association of Gerontology