YONEMURA Seiichiro

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YONEMURA Seiichiro
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences,NARO
Job title
Principle Senior Researcher
Ph.D (Science)


My fields are environment and agricultural sciences, Recently, I am developing systems to measure soil and plant gas exchanges. The systems are used for various sciences.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Principle senior researcher, NIAES, NARO
Feb 2008
Cooperative staff, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Ecological Safety, University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the Faculty of Agriculture
Sep 2006
Feb 2010
Part-time lecturer, Tamagawa University
Mar 2002
Sep 2003
Overseas Researcher, Biogeochemistry Devision, Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
NIAES Researcher
NIAES Senior Researcher


University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Quang Le Xuan, Nakamura Kimihito, Tran Hung, Nguyen Van Tinh, Matsuda Soken, Kadota Kengo, Horino Haruhiko, Pham Thanh Hai, Komatsu Hirotaka, Hasegawa Kiyoshi, Fukuda Shinji, Hirata Junya, Oura Noriko, Kishimoto-Mo Ayaka W., Yonemura Seiichiro, Onishi Takeo
AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT   217 179-192   May 2019   [Refereed]
Yonemura Seiichiro, Kaneda Satoshi, Kodama Naomi, Sakurai Gen, Yokozawa Masayuki
JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGY   75(2) 103-110   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Yonemura Seiichiro, Uchida Masao, Iwahana Go, Kim Yongwon, Yoshikawa Kenji
POLAR SCIENCE   19 137-145   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
和田龍一, 定永靖宗, 加藤俊吾, 勝見尚也, 大河内博, 岩本洋子, 三浦和彦, 小林拓, 鴨川仁, 松本淳, 米村正一郎, 松見豊, 梶野瑞王, 畠山史郎
分析化学   67(6) 333‐340(J‐STAGE)   2018
Minaco Adachi, Minaco Adachi, Akihiko Ito, Seiichiro Yonemura, Wataru Takeuchi
Journal of Environmental Management   200 97-104   Sep 2017
© 2017 Elsevier Ltd Soil respiration is one of the largest carbon fluxes from terrestrial ecosystems. Estimating global soil respiration is difficult because of its high spatiotemporal variability and sensitivity to land-use change. Satellite moni...
Seiichiro Yonemura, Keisuke Ono, Hiroki Ikawa, Wonsik Kim, Masayoshi Mano, Akira Miyata
Journal of Agricultural Meteorology   73 140-145   Jan 2017
© 2017, Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan. All rights reserved. To improve our understanding of the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) efflux dynamics in paddy fields during the drained fall-to-spring fallow season, we conducted incubation experime...
Satoshi Irei, Satoshi Irei, Akinori Takami, Yasuhiro Sadanaga, Susumu Nozoe, Susumu Nozoe, Seiichiro Yonemura, Hiroshi Bandow, Yoko Yokouchi
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics   16 4555-4568   Apr 2016
© Author(s) 2016. To better understand the secondary air pollution in transboundary air over westernmost Japan, ground-based field measurements of the chemical composition of fine particulate matter ( ≤ ĝ€1ĝ€μm), mixing ratios of trace gas species...
Geoffrey Zahn, Rota Wagai, Seiichiro Yonemura
Soil Biology and Biochemistry   94 133-137   Mar 2016
© 2015 Elsevier Ltd. Fundamental questions remain about the role of bacterivorous protists in regulating soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling, including the ways in which protists interact with physical and chemical factors to influence soil d...
Keisuke Nishida, Naomi Kodama, Naomi Kodama, Naomi Kodama, Seiichiro Yonemura, Yuko T. Hanba
Journal of Plant Research   128 777-789   Oct 2015
© 2015, The Author(s). We investigated stomatal conductance (g s ) and mesophyll conductance (g m ) in response to atmospheric CO 2 concentration [CO 2 ] in two primitive land plants, the fern species Pteridium aquilinum and Thelypteris dentata, u...
Gen Sakurai, Seiichiro Yonemura, Ayaka W. Kishimoto-Mo, Shohei Murayama, Toshiyuki Ohtsuka, Masayuki Yokozawa
PLoS ONE   10    Mar 2015
© 2015 Sakurai et al. Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) efflux from the soil surface, which is a major source of CO 2 from terrestrial ecosystems, represents the total CO 2 production at all soil depths. Although many studies have estimated the vertical pr...


川島茂人, 杜明遠, 米村正一郎, 井上聡, 松尾和人
農業環境技術研究所年報   (18) 56-59   Feb 2002
農環研ニュース   (52) 4-5   Oct 2001
鶴田治雄, 須藤重人, 米村正一郎, 川島茂人, 中島泰弘, 石塚成宏, ムルディヤルソ ダニエル, アナス イスワンディ
熱帯アジアの土地利用変化が陸域生態系からの温室効果ガスの発生・吸収量に及ぼす影響の評価に関する研究 平成11-13年度   9-24   2002
石塚成宏, 中島泰弘, 米村正一郎, 川島茂人, 須藤重人, 鶴田治雄, ムルディヤルソ ダニエル, アナス イスワンディ
熱帯アジアの土地利用変化が陸域生態系からの温室効果ガスの発生・吸収量に及ぼす影響の評価に関する研究 平成11-13年度   50-62   2002
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農業環境技術研究所研究成果情報   31 16-17   Mar 2015

Conference Activities & Talks

西村誠一, 米村正一郎
日本土壌肥料学会講演要旨集   29 Aug 2018   
和田龍一, 松見豊, 高梨聡, 深山貴文, 望月智貴, 谷晃, 米村正一郎, 植山雅仁, 高木健太郎, 宮崎雄三, 堅田元喜, 中野隆志, 反町篤行
大気環境学会年会講演要旨集   28 Aug 2018   
Mingyuan Du, Seiichiro Yonemura, Yanbo Shen, Wanfu Wang
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science   1 Mar 2018   
© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. Directly measuring the dust concentration during a dust storm is very important for studying dust emission and wind erosion processes. The Mira visibility sensors were introduced for directly measur...
Mingyuan Du, Seiichiro Yonemura, Yanbo Shen, Wanfu Wang
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering   15 Feb 2018   
© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd. Aerosols have a direct radioactive and forcing because they scatter and absorb solar and infrared radiation in the atmosphere. Mineral dust is a major contributor to aerosol loading and optical thic...
伊藤淳平, 和田龍一, 高梨聡, 深山貴文, 岡野通明, 中野隆志, 望月智貴, 谷晃, 米村正一郎, 松見豊, 高木健太郎, 植山雅仁, 宮崎雄三
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2018   
和田龍一, 松見豊, 中山智喜, 米村正一郎, 谷晃, 中野隆志, 加藤俊吾
大気環境学会年会講演要旨集   28 Aug 2017   
米村正一郎, 大浦紀子, 岸本文紅
日本農業気象学会全国大会講演要旨/Proceedings of International Symposium on Agricultural Meteorology   2017   
杉山薫, 和田龍一, 高梨聡, 深山貴文, 中野隆志, 望月智貴, 谷晃, 米村正一郎, 高木健太郎, 松見豊, 植山雅仁, 宮崎雄三
日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集(Web)   2017   
米村正一郎, 金田哲
日本生態学会大会講演要旨(Web)   2017   
佐々木正史, 内田昌男, 内海真生, 米村正一郎, 近藤美由紀
日本機械学会年次大会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   10 Sep 2016   

Research Grants & Projects

National Institute for Polar Research: Joint Research Fund
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2023    Investigator(s): YONEMURA Seiichiro
Studies on exchange processes of atmospheric constituents between the biosphere and the atmosphere