TAKAGI Satoshi

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TAKAGI Satoshi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Material Measurement Section, Mechanical Metrology Department
Job title
Chief Researcher
Doctor of philosophy in engineering

Research Interests


Research Areas



S. Takagi, H. Nakano and M. Sakai: Development of a Testing Machine for Three Point Bending of Ceramics in Controlled Crack Extension
Journal of Japan Society of Precise Engineering, 64, 6, 1998, 871   
S. Takagi, Y. Yamaguchi and S. Shin: Fracture Mechanical Examination of Moving Cracks with Adhesive Gauges
Bulletin of NRLM, 46, 1, 1997, 1   
S. Takagi: Measurement Methodology of Fracture Toughness of Engineering Ceramics and the Evaluation of Its Reliabilities
Bulletin of NRLM Vol. 43, No.2 (in Japanese), 1994, 73   

Research Grants & Projects

Development and dissemination of hardness standards
Ordinary Research
Project Year: 2001 - 2014