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Hachinohe Mayumi, Okunishi Tomoya, Hagiwara Shoji, Todoriki Setsuko, Kawamoto Shinichi, Hamamatsu Shioka
Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi   62(12) 579-584   2015
The dynamics of radioactive cesium (134Cs plus 137Cs) during rice cooking were investigated to examine the effect of rice bran removal ratio on the distribution of radioactive cesium in the cooked rice fraction. The removal r...
Kameya Hiromi, Hagiwara Shoji, Todoriki Setsuko
FOOD IRRADIATION, JAPAN   50(1) 20-28   2015
The side signals from irradiated cellulose radical are used for detecting irradiated spices with the electron spin resonance (ESR). The side signals are two signals observed on both sides of a singlet signal (g≒2.00) from organic free radicals. Si...
Todoriki Setsuko, Kameya Hiromi, Saito Kimie, Hagiwara Shoji
Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo   20(3) 555-561   2014
Photostimulated luminescence (PSL) and thermoluminescence (TL) analyses were performed to identify commercially-irradiated potatoes. Increased PSL levels were observed in irradiated potatoes, regardless of their origin: the integrated photon count...
Kimura Keitarou, Hachinohe Mayumi, Klasson K. Thomas, Hamamatsu Shioka, Hagiwara Shoji, Todoriki Setsuko, Kawamoto Shinichi
Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo   20(6) 1183-1189   2014
Various charcoals (used in food processing and water treatment) and broiler litter biochar were examined for ability to adsorb water-soluble low-level radioactive cesium (ca. 200 – 250 Bq/kg) extracted from contaminated wheat bran. Among the mater...
TODORIKI Setsuko, KAMEYA Hiromi, NAITO Shigehiro, KIMURA Keitarou, NEI Daisuke, HAGIWARA Shoji, KAKIHARA Yoshiteru, MINOBE Ayako, SHINODA Yuki, MIZUNO Ryoko, MATSUKURA Ushio, KAWAMOTO Shinichi
Barley grown in test fields and harvested in June 2011 was roasted and brewed. The translocation of radioactive cesium from roasted barley to tea was examined at various brewing times. Roasted barley was boiled for 5 min at a ratio of 1.5 L water ...


Hagiwara Masasi, Nabetani Hiroshi, Todoriki Setsuko
FOOD IRRADIATION, JAPAN   44(1) 28-31   2009
EICA   12(1) 24-27   Apr 2007
等々力 節子, [ハギ]原 昌司, 齋藤 希巳江
Report of National Food Research Institute   (71) 91-96   Mar 2007
FUJITA Kaori, INOUE Naoto, HAGIWARA Shoji, YANG Zhongfa, KATO Masakazu
The Hokuriku crop science   0(40) 82-85   Mar 2005
Intra and inter-specific differences for the distribution of antioxidant activity (AOA) in each seed obtained from two buckwheat species were detected by micro chemiluminesence from the sample with the H_2O_2-acetaldehyde mixed solution. In common...
FUJITA Kaori, INOUE Naoto, HAGIWARA Shoji, YAMAZAKI Akane, Cambell Clayton
Japanese Journal of Crop Science   74(1) 170-171   Mar 2005
GOTO Michiko, HAGIWARA Shoji, TODORIKI Setsuko, HONDA Katsunori, YAMAZAKI Masao, SEKIGUCHI Masayuki, MIZUNO Hiroaki
FOOD IRRADIATION, JAPAN   40(1) 11-14   2005
Photostimulated luminescence (PSL) method provides a rapid and markedly sensitive technique to detect of any irradiated food that contain minerals. This method is also convenient as a first screening means in comparison with thermoluminescence (TL...
Sugiyama S., Shichiri M., Yoshino T., Sekiguchi H., Sasou M., Hagiwara S., Ohtani T.
Biophysics   44(1)    Nov 2004
FUJITA Kaori, INOUE Naoto, HAGIWARA Shoji, KASAJIMA Shinya, YANG Zhongfa, KATOH Masakazu, KASUGA Shigemitsu
Japanese Journal of Crop Science   73(2) 186-187   Oct 2004
FUJITA Kaori, INOUE Naoto, YANG Zhongfa, HAGIWARA Shoji
Japanese Journal of Crop Science   72(2) 74-75   Sep 2003
Sugiyama S., Kanahara H., Sasou M., Yoshino T., Shichiri M., Hagiwara S., Ohtani T.
Biophysics   43(1)    Aug 2003
Nishihara E., Araya H., Hagiwara S., Ohtani T., Fujii Y.
Journal of Weed Science and Technology. Supplement   0(42) 202-203   Apr 2003
これまでにマメ科植物であるムクナ(Mucuna pruriens)に含まれるL-3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine(L-DOPA)は,根からL-DOPAを大量に分泌し他の植物に対して生長阻害を示し,この作用は植物種により異なる選択性があること,またL-DOPAに対する植物の体内防御機能は,L-DOPA処理により植物体内で活性酸素が増加し,その消去に関与する酵素活性の強弱と関係があることを報告した.しかし,L-DOPAが植物の体外へ放出する物質に及ぼす作用に関しては不明であ...
OHTANI Toshio, SHICHIRI Motoharu, FUKUSHI Daisuke, SUGIYAMA Shigeru, YOSHINO Tomoyuki, KOBORI Toshiro, HAGIWARA Shoji, USHIKI Tatsuo
Arch. Histol. Cytol.   65(5) 425-434   Dec 2002
YOSHINO Tomoyuki, MATSUTO Takayuki, FUKUSHI Daisuke, SHICHIRI Motoharu, SUGIYAMA Shigeru, HAGIWARA Shoji, AKAZAWA Kohei, USHIKI Tatsuo, OHTANI Toshio
電子顕微鏡   37(0)    Nov 2002
Sugiyama S., Yoshino T., Shichiri M., Fukushi D., Nakao H., Kanahara H., Sasou M., Hagiwara S., Ohtani T.
Biophysics   42(2)    Oct 2002
Journal of Electron Microscopy   51(3) 199-203   Jun 2002
OHTANI Toshio, SHICHIRI Motoharu, FUKUSHI Daisuke, SUGIYAMA Shigeru, YOSHINO Tomoyuki, KOBORI Toshiro, HAGIWARA Shoji, USHIKI Tatsuo
Archivum histologicum japonicum   65(5) 425-434   2002
Topographic and fluorescent images of whole barley chromosomes stained with YOYO-1 were observed simultaneously by scanning near-field optical/ atomic force microscopy (SNOM/AFM). The chromosome was relatively smooth and flat in the topographic im...
Sugiyama S., Yoshino T., Hagiwara S., Shichiri M., Fukushi D., Ohtani T.
Biophysics   41(1)    Sep 2001
OGAWA Yukiharu, SUGIYAMA Junichi, KUENSTING Heinrich, OHTANI Toshio, HAGIWARA Shoji, KOKUBO Mitsunori, KUDOH Ken-ichi, HIGUCHI Toshiro
Food Science and Technology International, Tokyo   6(3) 176-178   Aug 2000
A three-dimensional (3D) visualization technique was developed to visualize the distributions of protein and starch inside the whole body of a brown rice grain. The automatic precision microtome system that was developed for microscopy was applied...
OHTANI Toshio, YOSHINO Tomoyuki, USHIKI Tatsuo, HAGIWARA Shouji, MAEKAWA Takaaki
Journal of Electron Microscopy   49(3) 487-489   Jun 2000

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