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Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Institute of Agriculture, Division of Animal Life Science
Job title
Doctor of Medical Science(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Other affiliation
Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyTokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyTokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Oct 2012
東京農工大学大学院 農学研究院 動物生命科学部門 病態獣医学研究分野 教授, -
Oct 2012
東京農工大学 農学部共同獣医学科 獣医病理学研究室 教授, -
Jan 2015
エグゼクティブ・プロフェッサーの称号付与, 東京農工大学
Jun 2016
東京農工大学大学院グローバルイノベーション研究院兼務, 東京農工大学大学院


Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School of Agriculture, Graduate School, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Morphological Sciences, Pathology, Graduate School of Medical Science, Graduate School, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Committee Memberships

Jan 2002
The Japanese Society of Toxicological Pathology  Council member

Awards & Honors

Mar 2018
日本獣医病理学専門家協会 JCVP奨励賞
Jan 2018
International Academy of Toxicologic Pathology. The Charles Capen Trainee Award
Jan 2018
第34回日本毒性病理学会学術集会 会長賞 優秀賞
Jun 2016
Jan 2016
The International Federation of Societies of Toxicologic Pathologists Trainee Award

Published Papers

Nakajima, K., Masubuchi, Y., Ito, Y., Inohana, M., Takino, M., Saegusa, Y., Yoshida, T., Sugita-Konishi, Y., Shibutani, M
Food Chem Toxicol   120 590-602   Oct 2018   [Refereed]
To investigate the developmental exposure effect of citreoviridin (CIT) on postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis, pregnant ICR mice were dietary exposed to CIT at 0, 1, 3 and 10 ppm from gestation day 6 to postnatal day (PND) 21 on weaning. Offspring...
Eguchi, A., Inohana, M., Nakamura, M., Nagahara, R., Itahashi, M., Nakajima, K., Yoshida, T., Shibutani, M
J Toxicol Pathol   31(3) 189-193   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
A 3-year-old female Richardson's ground squirrel developed a subcutaneous mass at the left oral angle. Seven days after removal of the mass, the mass recurred and metastasized to the cervical lymph node. Histologically, the primary mass was subdiv...
Sakai, Y., Yoshida, T., Shibutani, M., Ohmori, K
JFMS Open Rep   4(2) 2055116918786601   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Case summary:
A spayed female mixed breed cat of unknown age (presumably more than 9 years old), weighing 2.9 kg, was presented with a 4 day history of lethargy, anorexia and vomiting following oral administration of calcium fosfomycin (20 mg/kg ...
Murayama, H., Eguchi, A., Nakamura, M., Kawashima, M., Nagahara, R., Mizukami, S., Kimura, M., Makino, E., Takahashi, N., Ohtsuka, R., Koyanagi, M., Hayashi, S-M., Maronpot, R.R., Shibutani, M., Yoshida, T
stract Send to stract Send to Toxicol Pathol   46(5) 530-539   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Administration of the diuretic, spironolactone (SR), can inhibit chronic liver diseases. We determined the effects of SR alone or in combination with the antioxidant α-glycosyl isoquercitrin (AGIQ) on hyperlipidemia- and steatosis-related precance...
Inohana, M., Eguchi, A., Nakamura, M., Nagahara, R., Onda, N., Nakajima, K., Saegusa, Y., Yoshida, T., Shibutani, M
Toxicol Sci   164(1) 264-277   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Aluminum (Al) is neurotoxic to adults and also to infants. In this study, we investigated the developmental exposure effect of AlCl3 on postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis. Pregnant mice were administered 0-, 900-, or 1800-ppm AlCl3 via drinking wa...


Methacarn fixation for genomic DNA analysis in microdissected paraffin-embedded tissue specimens
Uneyama, C., Shibutani, M., Masutomi, N., Takagi, H., Hirose, M.
J. Histochem. Cytochem.   50(9) 1237-1245   2002
Masutomi, N., Shibutani, M., Takagi, H., Uneyama, C., Takahashi, N., Hirose, M.
Toxicology   192(82-3) 149-170   2003
Lack of significant effects of genistein on the progression of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-induced mammary tumors in ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats
Ueda, M., Niho, N., Imai, T., Shibutani, M., Mitsumori, K., Matsui, T., Hirose M.
Nutr. Cancer   47(2) 141-147   2003
Arai, K., Nakano, H., Shibutani, M., Naoi, M., Matsuda, H.
Vet. Pathol.   40(6) 670-676   2003
Masutomi, N., Shibutani, M., Takagi, H., Uneyama, C., Lee, K.-Y., Hirose, M.
Arch. Toxicol.   78(4) 232-240   2004

Books etc

文永堂出版   Jan 2018   ISBN:978-4-8300-3268-4
恩田 伸彦、渋谷 淳 (Part:Joint Work)
日本がん予防学会 News Letter   Dec 2014   
伊東毒性病理学, 脳,脊髄,末梢神経.
三森国敏、渋谷 淳 (Part:Joint Work)
丸善出版   Jul 2013   
動物病理学総論 第3版
日本獣医病理学会 (Part:Joint Work)
文永道出版   Mar 2013   
剣持 明、渋谷 淳 (Part:Joint Work)
日本がん予防学会 News Letter   May 2011   

Conference Activities & Talks

ラット脂肪肝モデルを用いた抗原虫薬・抗菌薬Metronidazoleの肝発がん促進作用におけるオートファジーの関与 [Invited]
江口あゆみ、増田園子、市川 諒、中村美紗都、牧野絵美、大塚亮一、高橋尚史、渋谷 淳、吉田 敏則
第161回日本獣医学会学術集会   11 Sep 2018   日本獣医学会
中島康太、伊藤優子、増渕康哲、菊地聡美、小西良子、吉田敏則、渋谷 淳
第161回日本獣医学会学術集会   11 Sep 2018   日本獣医学会
Reversal effect of citreoviridin and irreversible effect of diacetoxyscirpenol on hippocampal neurogenesis by developmental exposure in mice [Invited]
Kota Nakajima, Yuko Ito, Yasunori Masubuchi, Satomi Kikuchi, Toshinori Yoshida, Yoshiko Sugita-Konishi, Makoto Shibutani
ESVP-ECVP Annual Meeting 2018   5 Sep 2018   European Society of Veterinary Pathology
Different responses on cellular senescence-related metabolism in liver cells between genotoxic and non-genotoxic hepatocarcinogens by repeated administration to rats [Invited]
Yuko Ito, Kota Nakajima, Yasunori Masubuchi, Satomi Kikuchi, Fumiyo Saito, Yumi Akahori, Toshinori Yoshida, Makoto Shibutani
ESVP-ECVP Annual Meeting 2018   5 Sep 2018   European Society of Veterinary Pathology
非遺伝毒性肝発がん物質特異的に過メチル化した遺伝子の肝ないし腎発がん物質に対する遺伝毒性の有無による発現反応性の違い [Invited]
伊藤優子、中島康太、増渕康哲、菊地聡美、齋藤 文代、赤堀 有美、吉田 敏則、渋谷 淳
第33回発癌病理研究会   30 Aug 2018   発癌病理研究会

Research Grants & Projects

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