SUZUKI Takakazu

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SUZUKI Takakazu
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Job title
Senior Research Scientist

Research Areas



Aluminum Deposition by using MOCVD on Pitch Based Carbon Fibers
Frontiers of Materials Science and Engineering, ed. by S. Somiya, M. Doyama, R. Roy and R.P.H. Chang, Elsevier Science (1998)   
Chemical Vapor Infiltration of Silicon Carbide using the SiCl4-CH4-H2 Ligand System
J of Mater. Syn. Proc., 2 (1994), 109-115   
Influence of Total Pressure in Reactor and Carrier Gases for Chemical Vapor Deposition of Aluminum from Tri-isobutyl Aluminum
J. Mater. Res., 12, (1997) 1866-1871   

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Research Grants & Projects

Metal Composite Materials
Boundary Lubrication
Interface Modification