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The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Forest Science

Research Areas



Mechanism for formation of the secondary wall thickening in tracheary elements : microtubules and microfibrils of tracheary elements of ┣DBPisum sativum(/)-┫DB L. and ┣DBCommelina communis(/)-┫DB L. and the effects of amiprophosmethyl.
Planta   185    1991
Detection of hemicelluloses specific th the cell wall of tracheary elements and phloem cells by fluorescein-conjugated lectins.
Protoplasma   156    1990
The change of pattern in microfibril arrangement on the inner surface of the cell wall of ┣DBClosterium acerosum(/)-┫DB during cell growth. (共著)
Planta   140(1)    1978
Effects of colchicine on cell shape and on microfibril arrangements in the cell wall of ┣DBClosterium acerosum(/)-┫DB. (共著)
Planta   140(1)    1978
Temporal and spatial changes of cellulose synthesis in ┣DBClosterium acerosum(/)-┫DB (Schrank)Ehrenberg during cell growth. (共著)
Planta   154    1982

Books etc

The cytoskeleton in the desmidiales-cell morphogenesis.
CRC Press   1992   
Localized deposition of the cell wall
Plant cell walls as biopolymers with physiological functions, Yamada Science Foundation   1992   
Pictorial review 1. The cell as the basis of plant morphogenesis
"Plant molecular cell biology" Shujun-sha   1995   
Role of cell wall and microtubules in plant cell morphogenesis
"Plant molecular cell biology" Shujun-sha   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Symbiosis between tree roots and microorganisms
Molecular ecology of plant reproduction
Pathology of a pine wilt desease caused by pine wood nematodes