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The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Global Agricultural Sciences
Job title
MSc(The University of Tokyo), PhD(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Landscape-Scale Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Buffer Zone Community Forests of Central Nepal: Coupling In Situ Measurements with Landsat 7 Satellite Data
The use of ?xed?wing UAV photogrammetry with LiDAR DTM to estimate merchantable volume and carbon stock in living biomass over a mixed conifer?broadleaf forest
767-777   2018
Estimating Individual Tree Diameter and Stem Volume Using Airborne LiDAR in Saga Prefecture, Japan
205-228   2018
Estimating Above-Ground Biomass in Sub-Tropical Buffer Zone Community Forests, Nepal, Using Sentinel 1 Data
Completing yearly land cover maps for accurately describing annual changes of tropical landscapes
Evaluating the Performance of Photogrammetric Products Using Fixed-Wing UAV Imagery over a Mixed Conifer?Broadleaf Forest: Comparison with Airborne Laser Scanning
Analysis of forest structural complexity using airborne LiDAR data and aerial photography in a mixed conifer^broadleaf forest in northern Japan
479-493   2017
Seeing trees from space: above-ground biomass estimates of intact and degraded montane rainforests from high-resolution optical imagery
625-634   2017
Performance of a photogrammetric digital elevation model in a tropical montane forest environment
39-52   2016
Estimating Mean Tree Crown Diameter of Mangrove Stands Using Aerial Photo
416-427   2016


Testing utility of GPS for forest resource inventory using remote sensing-Training area extraction using results of point positioning
Transactions of the Japanese Forestry Society   104,271-274    1993
Testing utility of GPS for forest resource inventory using remote sensing
Proceedings of the IUFRO Seoul Conference, Sep. 20-25,1993   293-306    1993
Utility of GSP for forest resovrce inventory -Evaluation of differential GPS positioning accuracy-
Japan Journal of Forest Planning   (23) 45-58   1994
Journal of the Japanese Forestry Society   77(3) 205-212   1995
GPS : Global Positioning System-Its application to forestry-
Proceedings of the Symposium on Forestry on lnventory and Monitorintg      1996

Books etc

Urbon-frings forest in Japan-Its history and prospect-
Potential of Woody Corbon Stock Estimation Using Hight Spatioal Resolution Imagery: A Case Study of Spruce Stands(共著)
Global Environmental Change in the Ocean and on Land (M. Shiyomi et al., Eds.)   2004   
Detecting Land Use Change using Remote Sensing in Cidanau Watershed , Indonesia (in Sustainable Agriculture in Rural Indonesia(Y. Hayashi, S. Manuwoto, S. Hartono Eds.))(共著)
Gadja Mada University Press   2003   


Change detection of Eucalyptus plantation using Landsat TM data in Plaeng Yao district, Thailand
Studies on Environmental Changes and sustainable Development-Indonesia, West Java-
Study on forest utilization patterns in Southeast-Asia : Change in course of Socio-economic development
1991 - 1994
Studies on environmental changes and sustainable development
Assessment of Forest Fine of East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Research Grants & Projects

Forest Remote Sensing
GPS Utilization in forest area
Forest GIS