SANO Mitsuhiko

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SANO Mitsuhiko
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Ecosystem Studies
Job title
Doctor of Agriculture(The University of Tokyo), Master of Fisheries(*Tokyo University of Fisheries*)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

University of Tokyo, Research Assistant
University of Tokyo, Associate Professor

Published Papers

Random PCR-based genotyping by sequencing technology GRAS-Di reveals genetic structure of mangrove fishes
Hosoya S, Hirase S, Kikuchi K, Nanjo K, Nakamura Y, Kohno H, Sano M
Molecular Ecology Resources   19    2019   [Refereed]
Cellulose digestion abilities determine the food utilization of mangrove estuarine crabs
Kawaida S, Nanjo K, Ohtsuchi N, Kohno H, Sano M
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science   222 43-52   2019   [Refereed]
Comparison of predation risks for small fishes in salt marsh microhabitats in Lake Hinuma, eastern Japan, using tethering experiments
Kaneko S, Kanou K, Sano M
Fisheries Science   85(3) 457-463   2019   [Refereed]
Comparison of fish assemblage structures among microhabitats in a salt marsh in Lake Hinuma, eastern Japan
Kaneko S, Kanou K, Sano M
Fisheries Science   85(1) 113-125   2019   [Refereed]
Food habits of fishes in a freshwater reed belt in Lake Kitaura, eastern Japan, in summer
Usui S, Kanou K, Sano M
Fisheries Science   84(3) 469-476   2018   [Refereed]
Reconstruction of the salinity history associated with movements of mangrove fishes using otolith oxygen isotopic analysis
Shirai K, Koyama F, Murakami-Sugihara N, Nanjo K, Higuchi T, Kohno H, Watanabe Y, Okamoto K, Sano M
Marine Ecology Progress Series   593 127-139   2018   [Refereed]
Microhabitat differences in crab assemblage structures in a subtropical mangrove estuary on Iriomote Island, southern Japan
Kawaida S, Nanjo K, Kanai T, Kohno H, Sano M
Fisheries Science   83(6) 1007-1017   2017   [Refereed]
Ontogenetic and seasonal changes in the diet of the halfbeak Zenarchopterus dunckeri at Iriomote Island, southern Japan
Kanai T, Nanjo K, Kohno H, Sano M
Ichthyological Research   64(4) 470-474   2017   [Refereed]
Kaneko S, Kanou K, Sano M
Fisheries Science   82(4) 631-637   2016   [Refereed]
Sato M, Horinouchi M, Fujita M, Sano M
Ichthyological Research   63(4) 445-459   2016   [Refereed]


Long-term effects of destruction of hermatypic corals by ┣DBAcanthaster(/)-┫DB ┣DBplanci(/)-┫DB infestation on reef fish communities at Iriomote Island, Japan
Marine Ecology-Progress Series   37(2) 3   1987
Changes in structure of coral reef fish communities by destruction of hermatypic corals : observational and experimental views.
Pacific Science   38(1)    1984
Patterns of habitat and food utilization in two coral-reef sandperches (Mugiloididae) : competitive or noncompetitive coexistence?
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology   140(3)    1990
Food habits of teleostean reef fishes in Okinawa Island, southern Japan
University Museum, University of Tokyo, Bulletin   25    1984
Feeding habits of Japanese butterflyfishes(Chaetodontidae)
Environmental Biology of Fishes   25(1-3)    1989

Books etc

Illustrated fish fauna of a mangrove estuary at Sikao, southwestern Thailand (jointoly worked)
Trang Project of Rajamangala Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo   2002   
Coral reefs - a paradise for organisms created by themselves
Marine organisms of Japan : Ecology of invasion and disturbance


Studies on preservation of coral reef ecosystems
1995 - 1996
Studies on disturbance and restoration of coral reef ecosystems
2000 - 2002
Effects of aquaculture on environments in Southeast Asia
1998 - 2000
Present Status of fisheries activities and coastal environments in Thailand
Study on the selection of biodiversity conservation area of the coral reef

Research Grants & Projects

Life History of Coastal Benthic Fishes
Community Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes
Community Ecology of Estuarine Fishes