SAGARA Yasuyuki

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SAGARA Yasuyuki
Dr. Agriculture(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Global Agricultural Sciences

Committee Memberships

International Institute of Refrigeration  Int. Advisory Committee
Asian-Australian Drying Conference (ADC)  Int. Advisory Committee
Nordic Drying Conference (NDC)  Int. Advisory Committee
International Lyophilization-Freeze Drying Conference  Int. Advisory Committee
International Conference of Engineering for Food (ICEF)  Int. Advisory Committee


Freeze-Drying Characteristics of Beef Using Radiant Heating
J. of Japanese Soc. of Agricultural Machinery   40(4)    1979
Grain Storage by Radiation Treatment
J. of Soc. of Agricultural Structures, Japan   11(2)    1981
Measurement of Thermal Conductivity and Permeability of the Dried Layer during Freeze-Drying of Beef
J. of Japanese Soc. of Agricultural Machinery   44(3)    1982
The Rice Surplus, and New Technology for Rice Processing in Japan
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center   273    1984
The Rice Surplus, and New Technology for Rice Processing in Japan
FFTC   (273) 11-27   1988

Books etc

Dry Layer Transport Properties and Freeze-Drying Characteristics of Coffee Solutions
Proc. of Third Int. Drying Symposium, Edited by J. C. Ashworth, Drying Research Limited   1982   
Automatic Measurements of Transport Properties during Freeze-Drying of Food
Fundamentals and Applications of Freeze-Drying to Biological Materials, Drug and Food-Stuffs, International Institute of Refrigeration   1985   
Transport Properties Measurement of Food Sample Undergoing Sublimation Degydration
Hemisphyere Publishing Corporation   1986   
Studies on Solar Cooling System Using Renewable Energy Sources
"Energy and the Environment Into the 1990s" Pergamon Press   1990   
Automatic Measurement System for Transport Properties of Food Samples Undergoing Sublimation Dehydration
CRC Press, Inc.   1992   


Non-Destructive Internal Quality Deterction of Fresh Fruits AND Vegetables
Fundamental Studies on Bread Bading Process
Basic Design and Management of Packaging Plant for Agricultural Products
Measurement of 3D structure for Foods by using Micro-slicer Image Processing System
1997 - 2001
Studies on Freeze-Dried Egg Soup Production
1999 - 2000

Research Grants & Projects

Heat and Mass Transfer during freeze-drying process of foods
Measurement of 3 Dimentional Structure of Biological Materials with Microslicer Image data Processing System
Studies on Prediction and Measurement of Transport Properties for Cellular Food Materials
Development of New Methodology for Evaluating Consumer Preference for Food Products
Development of 3D measurement system for Frogen Water in Food-and Bio-materials