KUGA Shigenori

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KUGA Shigenori
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Biomaterial Sciences

Research Areas



Electron Staining of Reducing Ends of Bacterial Cellulose
Carbohydrate Research   180    1988
Ultrasonic measurement of study wetting and liquid penetration properties of paper
Tappi Journal   71    1988
Lattice Imaging of ramie cellulose
Polymer Comm.   28    1987
Butterworth-Heineman, "Polymer"   34(15) 3293-3297   1993
β-Glucan synthesis in the cotton fiber
Plant Physiology   101(4) 1131   1993

Books etc

The physical structure of cellulose microfibrils and implication for the mechanism of their biogenesis
Biogenesis and Biodegradation of Cellulose   1991   
Correlation between Structure and Biogenic Mechanisms of Cellulose
cellulose and Wood   1989   
Structural Analysis of Porous Materials by Measurement of Size Exclusion Chromatography
Aqueous Size Exclusion Chromatography   1988   
Properties of printing paper
Influence of surface charge on viscosity anomaly of cellulose microcrystal suspensions
Hydrocolloids, Physical Chemistry and Industrial application of Gels, Polysaccharides, and Proteins   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

Colloid science of microcrystalline cellulose
Development of novel materials by pyrolysis and carbonization of cellulose
Inclusion of small polar molecules by cellulose and chitin crystals
Project Year: 2001 - 2006