IKEDA Ken'ichi

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IKEDA Ken'ichi
Doshisha University
Faculty of Social StudiesDepartment of Media,Journalism and Communication
Job title
Ph.D in Social Psychology(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2013
Professor, Faculty of Media Studies, Doshisha University
Aug 2000
Mar 2013
Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Psychology and Sociology, Department of Social Psychology, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1992
Jul 2010
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, Psychology and Sociology, Department of Social Psychology, The University of Tokyo


Graduate School, Division of Sociology, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Sep 2010
The Best Encouraging Journal Paper in Social Psychology, Japanese Society of Social Psychology
Sep 2009
The Best Encouraging Journal Paper in Social Psychology, Japanese Society of Social Psychology
The Best Encouraging Journal Paper in Social Psychology, Japanese Society of Social Psychology
The 7th Miyake award on empirical political science
Shimada award on social psychology, Japanese Society of Social Psychology
Telecom Social Science Award

Published Papers

Takagi, Daisuke, Ikeda, Ken’ichi, Kobayashi, Tetsuro, Harihara, Motoko, & Kawachi, Ichiro
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Social and Institutional Trust in East and Southeast Asia
IKEDA Ken'ichi
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in Printing
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Annals of Japanese Political Science Association      2005
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Political expertise, interdependent citizens, and the value added problem in democratic politics
Japanese Journal of Political Science   1(2) 171-195   2000   [Refereed]
Retrospective voting in the 1998 Japanese House of councilors election : An approach from cognitive social Psychology
Japanese Journal of Electoral Studies   15 109-121   2000
Interpersonal environment effects on political preferences : The 'middle path' for conceptualizing social structure in New Zealand
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A social psychological approach to the networked reality
IEEE Transactions on Information & Systems   E77-D    1994   [Refereed]
Cognitive social psychology of "blackbox-ized" home electronics.
Party schema in changing political power
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Political Parties as Political Actors : Explaining Voting Behavior by the Pattern of Cognitive Schema about Political Parties
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A Schema Theory on Voting Behavior
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'Spiral of Silence'hypothesis & voting intention : A test in the 1986 Japanese national election
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Information Behavior & Man-Machine Interface : An Approach to New Media
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A Basic Theory on Information Behavior
Annals of Information & Communication Research      1988
'Hi-OVIS'seen by users : Use & valuation of Japanese interactive CATV
Studies of Broadcasting   21 95-120   1985   [Invited]

Books etc

Information Media Environment and Social Capital in Times of Emergency: How They Affected Survivors’ Post-disaster Adaptation, in Tsunekawa, Keiichi (Ed.) Five Years After: Reassessing Japan’s Responses to the Earthquake, Tsunami, and the Nuclear Disaste
Ikeda, Ken’ichi and Yasuda, Yuki (Part:Joint Work, 223-257)
The University of Tokyo Presss   2016   
Examining Power in Hierarchical Social Networks in East Asia, in Gill Steel (Ed.)Power in Contemporary Japan
IKEDA Ken'ichi, & Takemoto Keisuke (Part:Joint Work, 143-166)
Palgrave Macmillan   2016   
The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication , 3 Volume Set
Gianpietro Mazzoleni , Kevin G. Barnhurst , Ken’ichi Ikeda, Rousiley C. M. Maia, Hartmut Wessler (Part:Joint Editor)
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East Asian Social Networks, (In) Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
Bian, Yanjie, & Ikeda, Ken’ichi (Part:Joint Work, 417-433)
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The Dynamics of Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Asia: Vibrant Societies
Amrita Daniere and Hy Van Luong (Part:Contributor, Differential effect of multiple social networks on public participation in Japan)
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Social Networks and Japanese Democracy: The Beneficial Impact of Interpersonal Communication in East Asia
Ikeda, Ken’ichi & Richey, Sean (Part:Joint Work)
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Social Psychology of Word-of-mouth and social network: Service innovation study on consumer behavior and diffusion
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Secondary analysis on social surveys
Political realities in social networks
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University of Tokyo Press.   2000   
Contemporary Social Psychology
Political cognitive maps, homogeneous group environment, exemplars in mass media, and voting behavior in the 1993 General election in Japan
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Networking Community
Spiral of silence(2nd edition)
Changing reality of Politics : Social psychological perspective
Dictionary of Polling
Social Psychology
Social psychology of political behavior
Structural Analysis on Public Access
Social psychology of networking
media dependency & media use
Psychology of our image of society
Mind & Society : Cognitive Social Psychological Approach
Perspectives on Social Psychology vol. 3 Groups to Society
Risk perception and human information-processing: Perspectives from communication processing and information environment. Proceedings of the 2nd Japan- U. S. workshop on risk assessment/risk management
Ikeda, K.
Election News & Voting Behavior
Emergency Information Processing
Citizens, Democracy and Markets around the Pacific Rim
Oxford Univ.Press.   
in printing


East Asian General Social Survey 2012 wave
IKEDA Ken'ichi   The Others   2010 - 2011
WASC project: Comparative research project on values, trust, participation and democracy in Japan
2009 - 2013
Trust in Politics and Administration
IKEDA Ken'ichi   The Others   2009 - 2012
Voting behavior in Changing Japanese Society
IKEDA Ken'ichi   The Others   2007 - 2012
Asian Barometer Project
IKEDA Ken'ichi   The Others   2003 - Today
East Asia Barometer Survey
2002 - 2007
Virtual community and social capital formation in Korea and Japan
2002 - 2005
Networked community and effect of CMC : A comparative study on Canada and Japan
2001 - 2007
Nationwide Chronological Studies on Voting Behaviors in the Early 21st Century.
2001 - 2006
Comparative System of Election Studies, wave 2 and wave 3
2000 - 2008
Project on Japanese General Social Survey
1999 - 2008
Research on social network&social capital
1999 - 2001
The Eurasia Political Culture Research Network Project
1997 - 2001
"Losing Faith in Politics" projrct
1997 - 2000
Japanese Election and Democracy Study
1997 - 2000
Influence of Election System change on Voting Behavior : Comparative Perspective
1995 - 2000
Committee on Networked Community
Time-series national survey on voting behavior
1993 - 1998
Nationwide Chronological Studies on Voting Behaviors
1993 - 1997
Comparative national election poll(CNEP)on social network
1990 - 1995
Transformations of Mass Media & Its Social Influence Processes : Comparative Studies in Japan, UK, & US.
1989 - 1992
Media & Politics in U. S. & Japan
1985 - 1987
World-wide Comparative Study of Images on Japan & Japanese
1982 - 1985

Research Grants & Projects

Study on socially shared cognition or belief
Ordinary Research
Social psychology of networking
Interdisciprinary Researches(Special Research)
Cognitive social psychology of voting behavior
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research