MUTO Yasuhiro

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MUTO Yasuhiro
Nara Women's University
Job title
Doctor(Letter)(The University of Tokyo), master of letters(Kokugakuin University,Graduate school)
Other affiliation
Nara Women's UniversityNara Women's UniversityNara Women's University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

:research associate, faculty of letters
:research associate, graduate school of humanities and sociology
-:associate professor, faculty of letters


Division of History and Anthropology, Kokugakuin University,Graduate School
Faculty of Literature, Kokugakuin University


An Ethnological Study on the Technology of Removing "Aku" (Tannic acid,Saponin and Others) in Horse-Chestnuts.
MUTO Yasuhiro
Annual Report of Studies in Humanities and Social Science, Nara Women's University   46 19-39   2002
A Visual Anthrolopological study for the Movie Archives of Traditional Rituals in Nara District
MUTO Yasuhiro
Annual Report on Research and Education Faculty of Letters,Nara Women's University   6 59-64   2009
A Study on the Transvestism in Rice-Growing Rituals
MUTO Yasuhiro
Annual Report on the Research and Education Faculty of Letters, Nara Women's University   4 97-103   2007
A Study on the conservation of traditional rituals in Nara
MUTO Yasuhiro
Annual report on research and education, Faculty of Letters,Nara Women's University   3 39-45   2007
Houses and villages of the native north America
MUTO Yasuhiro
The space and structure of the pit-dwellings   88-93   2001

Books etc

An Archaeological Study of the Long-houses in the Early and middle Jomon period
Archarological Studies of Habitation. The Dohsei publishing co. ,   1997   
Archaeological studies on the mansions of the feudal lords in the city of Edo.
Unearthed house ruins of the medieval and modern times.   2001   
Genealogy of the Multiple-Dwelling Houses
Archaeology and Ethnography Rokko Pub. Co.   1989   
Semi-sedentism of the pit-dwellings habitation system in the Jomon period.
Houses and habitation system   2000   
The Diachronic and Synchronic Analyses of Longhouses in the Jomon Period.
Life Style of the Jomon Period. The Dohsei publishing co.   1998   


Establishment of the Digital Movie Archives on the Folk Rituals in Nara Prefecture
Eehnological field works on the traditional diet in the mountainous region of the Kii Peninsula
Study on mirror worship in the Izu Islands-Archaeological Reserach at Hachijo-Kojima Island-
Bibliographical Survey of Studies on Houses and Settlements around the World [unpublished] (Contributed by KAZIMA Research Found)

Research Grants & Projects

Ethonological study on the nut snd root diet
Project Year: 2001   
Field works for the ritual of agriculture in Nara prefecture.
Project Year: 2001 - 2010
Studies on the change of dwelling system and developing process of social stratification in the latter half of Jomon period.
Project Year: 1999 - 2005
Study on sedentary and/or semi-sedentary aspects during the Jomon period