IMORI Masatosi

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IMORI Masatosi
Former Institution / Organization The University of Tokyo International Center for Elementary Particle Physics
(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo), (BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Automated Calibration System for Lead Glass Counters
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   19(8)    1980
Microprocessor-Controlled High-Voltage Regulator System
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   19(9)    1980
Nuclear Instruments & Methods   187(2)    1981
SIAM Journal of Computing   12    1983
Periodic Character Sequences Where Identifying Two Character Strictly Reduces The Period
Theoretical Computer Science   38    1985

Research Grants & Projects

Search for anti-particles of Cosmic origin by Balloon Borne Experiments
Study on Architecture for Parallel Processing by dlistributed Processors
Stabilization of a nonlinear control system
A stabilized d.c. high voltage power supply incorporating a piezoelectric ceramic transformer