NOUMI Masatoshi

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NOUMI Masatoshi
Kobe University
Graduate School of Science Division of Mathematics
Job title

Awards & Honors

パンルヴェ方程式の幾何学的研究, Journal of Physics A Highlights of 2017 collection, Journal of Physics A
Jan 2013
-, The initial class of Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, The American Mathematical Society

Published Papers

Connection formula for the Jackson integral of type An and elliptic Lagrangeinterpolation
M. Ito, Masatoshi NOUMI
SIGMA   14(No. 077,) 42   2018   [Refereed]
Remarks on τ-functions for the difference Painlevé equations of type E8
Masatoshi NOUMI
Advanced Studies inPure Mathematics Representation Theory, Special Functions and Painlevé Equations —RIMS 2015pp. 1–65   76    2018   [Refereed]
K.Kajiwara, NOUMI Masatoshi, YAMADA Yasuhiko
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical   50(Published 12) 073001 (164pp)   Jan 2017   [Refereed]
M. Ito, 野海 正俊, NOUMI Masatoshi
Constr. Approx.   45 33–46   2017   [Refereed]
M. Ito, 野海 正俊, NOUMI Masatoshi
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.   145 689–703   2017   [Refereed]


A geometric description of the elliptic Painlev´e equation
KAJIWARA K, MASUDA Tetsu, NOUMI Masatoshi, OHTA Yasuhiro, YAMADA Yasuhiko
Rokko Lectures in Mathematics 18 Elliptic integrable systems      2005

Books etc

Special Issue on Relationship of Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions with Quantum Groups and Integrable Systems
N.~Joshi, E.~Koelink, T.~Koornwinder, M.~Noumi, S.~Ruijsenaars, F.~Smirnov, J.~Stokman (Part:Joint Editor)
SIGMA   Apr 2012   
Elliptic Integrable Systems
NOUMI Masatoshi, TAKASAKI K (Part:Joint Work)
Rokko Lectures in Mathematics   2005   
Askey-Wilson polynomails: an affine Hecke algebra approach, in Laredo Lectures on Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions, R.Alvarez-Nodarse et al, Eds. Pp.111-144
NOUMI Masatoshi, STOKMAN J V (Part:Joint Work)
Nova Science Publishers   2004   
Painleve equations through symmetry
NOUMI Masatoshi
American Mathematical Society   2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

Ruijsenaars 系の固有函数:現状と課題 [Invited]
Masatoshi NOUMI
表現論と特殊函数セミナー   Feb 2019   
Elliptic hypergeometric integrals and associated determinant formulas [Invited]
Masatoshi NOUMI
13th International Conference on Symmetry and Integrability of Difference Equations (SIDE 13)   Nov 2018   
G2 型 Gustafson q-ベータ積分の楕円化とその無限積表示について
伊藤雅彦, Masatoshi NOUMI
日本数学会2018年秋季総合分科会   Sep 2018   
Elliptic hypergeometric integrals [Invited]
Masatoshi NOUMI
Summer Research Institute on q-Series   Aug 2018   
Elliptic hypergeometric functions and elliptic difference Painlevé equation [Invited]
Masatoshi NOUMI
XIX International Congress on Mathmatical Physics   Jul 2018   

Teaching Experience