SAITO Hiroko

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SAITO Hiroko
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Institute of Global Studies
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Published Papers

A longitudinal study of L2 English intonation—Does studying abroad make any difference?—
Hiroko Saito
ことばを編む   27-37   Mar 2018
Vowel Shifts of English
Saito Hiroko
グローバル・コミュニケーション研究   (2) 93-102   Mar 2015
Looking at Japanese pronunciation through English
Hiroko Saito
Japanese Linguistics   34(3) 4-12   Feb 2015   [Invited]
Hiroko Saito, Michael Ashby
Proceedings of PTLC2013   71-74   Aug 2013   [Refereed]
The paper calls attention to the life and work of Edward Gauntlett, who settled in Meiji Japan in 1890 and became a pioneering teacher of English pronunciation. His 1905 textbook Phonetics provided a brilliant contrastive analysis of Englis...
Tonic Misplacement by Japanese Learners of English
「Ueda, Isao」 and 「Hiroko Saito」
Exploring English Phonetics      Jan 2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Compass Rose English-Japanese Dictionary
Kenkyusha   Nov 2018   ISBN:978-4-7674-1532-1
Lighthouse English-Japanese Dictionary 6th edition
Shigeru Takebayashi, N.Higashi, K.Akasu (Part:Joint Editor)
Kenkyusha   Oct 2012   ISBN:9784767415062 C7582
“Nuclear-Stress Placement by Japanese Learners of English—Transfer from Japanese”
Yuji Kawaguchi, Ivan Fonagy, Tsunekazu Moriguchi eds.
John Benjamins Publishing Company   Apr 2006   ISBN:9027233152

Conference Activities & Talks

Edward Gauntlett's Phonetics (1905)
Hiroko Saito, Michael Ashby
音声学教授法学会   8 Aug 2013   Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference
Spelling-to-sound or sound-to-spelling? Errors found among Japanese learners of English
Hiroko Saito
Phonetics Teaching and Learning Conference   6 Aug 2009   University College London ほか
Does Accentuation of L1 Transfer to L2 Prosody?--A preliminary study on Osaka and Tokyo dialect speakers' pronunciation of English
Hiroko Saito, Isao Ueda
Phonetic Teaching & Learning Conference   24 Aug 2007   ロンドン大学UCL