FUJII Takeshi

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FUJII Takeshi
Master of Arts(University of Delhi), Master of Arts(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2009
Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Awards & Honors

Jul 2007
World Hindi Honour
Apr 2017
Foreign Hindi Scholar, Hindi Sevi Samman: Dr.George Grierson Award, President of India(Ministry of Human Resource Development; Central Institute of Hindi)
Winner: FUJII, Takeshi

Published Papers

Premchand literature in Japan
FUJII, Takeshi
World Hindi Magazine 2015   94-98   Jan 2016   [Refereed][Invited]
Competing written systems: Devanagari and Kaithi
FUJII, Takeshi
Standard norms in written languages: historical and comparative studies between East and West   109-132   Sep 2014
Competing written systems: Devanagari and Kaithi
FUJII Takeshi
Standard norms in written languages: historical and comparative studies between East and West   97-108   Sep 2014
Hindi and Hindi literature education in the digital age
FUJII, TAkeshi
International Hindi Conference, Seoul 2014: Hindi education in the 21st centruty, the Asia-Pacific context   93-101   Mar 2014   [Invited]
Being "Progressive" in the debates over language: an analysis of the debate concerning the "Hindustani language"
FUJII, Takeshi
Rekishigaku Kenkyu: Journal of Historical Studies   (873) 25-36,80   Nov 2010   [Refereed][Invited]


A Guide to dictionaries: Hindi
FUJII, Takeshi
(608) 8-8   Apr 2019   [Invited]
Short comments on books: War and language
FUJII, Takeshi
Kotoba to Sykai   (20) 209-210   Jan 2019   [Invited]
A guide to Hindi dictionaries
FUJII, Takeshi
(599) 8-8   Apr 2018
A guide to Hindi dictionaries.
History and tradition of the Hindi studies at TUFS
FUJII, Takeshi
Souvenir issued at the occasion of the 11th World Hindi Conference, Mauritius   5-10   Sep 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
A Short guide to Hindi dictionaries
FUJII, Takeshi
(582) 11-11   Apr 2016   [Invited]

Books etc

Caste in historyi
FUJII, Takeshi
Iwanami Shoten   Feb 2008   ISBN:4-00-026844-9
Indian Society and "Caste"
FUJII, Takeshi
YAMAKAWAPubishing Co.   Oct 2016   ISBN:978-4-634-34860-8
Fussing modernity: appropriation of history and political mobilization in South Asia(共編著)
FUJII Takeshi, KOTANI Hiroyuki, OSHIKAWA Fumiko (Part:Joint Work, Creating caste consciousness, sharing common past; the caste publications in late colonial India)
The Japan Center for Area Studies, National Museum of Ethnology   Mar 2000   
The Unfinished agenda(共著)
NAKAZATO Nariaki, Mushirul Hasan (Part:Joint Work, Mirrors of the colonial state: rhe frontier areas between North East India and Burma)
Manohar   Jan 2001   ISBN:8173043795
A memoir of Misumi saichiro: the story of Indo-japanese relations
MISUMI Saichiro, MATSUMOYO Shusaku, NAITO Masao, SATO Hiroshi, FUJII MATSUMOYO Shusaku, NAITO Masao, SATO Hiroshi, FUJII Takeshi (Part:Joint Work)
Centre for Documentation & Area-Transcultural Studies, TUFS   Jan 2008   ISBN:9784925243391

Conference Activities & Talks

Chinese community in india [Invited]
FUJII, Takeshi
13 Nov 2019   
The contribution of Mahatma Gandhi to Hindi language [Invited]
FUJII, Takeshi
Overseas Indians Day/World hindi Day   10 Jan 2019   Embassy of India, Government of India, Tokyo, JAPAN
History and trends of Indian studies in Japan [Invited]
FUJII, Takeshi
Literary Colloquium, Sahitya Academy, India   23 Sep 2016   the India Academy of Literature
History and trends of teaching and research of Hindi and other Indian languages in Japan
FUJII, Takeshi
Research Conference, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, U.G.C-HumanResources Development Centre, University of Delhi   20 Sep 2016   Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, U.G.C. Human Resources Development Centre, University of Delhi
The rare books of/on Hindi and Indian languages in TUFS Library in Japan [Invited]
FUJII, Takeshi
Research Meeting, Department of Hindi, Mohanlal Sukhariya University   16 Sep 2016   Department of Hindi, Mohanlal Sukhariya University, Udaipur, Rajasthan India