YAGI Takao

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YAGI Takao
Tokyo Gakugei University
Faculty of Education, Foreign Languages and Foreign Literature

Research Areas



(A Problem with the Head-Raising Analysis of Relative Clauses: Pied-Piping and Island Conditions)
(41) 51-62   Dec 2012
On the Distinction between Arguments and Adjuncts: Questions Posed by Variable Judgments on "Do So" Sentences and Related Issues
JELS   (29) 183-189   Mar 2012
(The Use of "like" as a Conjunction Taking a Null-Operator Construction as Complement)
(English Studies)   (39) 105-122   Dec 2010
(The "Do So" Construction and Goal-Expressions: On Modifier-like Arguments))
(English Studies)   (38) 37-53   Dec 2009
("A Night Alone": Remarks on Some Peripheral Postnominal Modifications in English)
(English Studies)   (37) 41-52   Dec 2008

Books etc

Introduction to Linguistics: For Students of Generative Grammar
Apr 2002   ISBN:4327401307
(Degree Expressions and Comparative Constructions)
Mar 1987   ISBN:4469142174