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Tokyo Gakugei University
Faculty of Education, Humanities

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University
- Professor, Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University


Pyau ("House") of the Iu Mien, Highlanders in Northern Thailand: Residence, Livelihood, and Ancestor Worship.
Intriguing Asia   /74,95-104    Apr 2005
A Brief Report on the Ethnic Relationship of the Iu Mien of Guangdong, China
Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University, Section III: Social Sciences   /56,121-128    Jan 2005
An Interim Report of a Study on the Increase of Nuclear-Family Householods among the Iu Mien of Northern Thailand.
Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University, Section III, Social Sciences   54/,117-125    2003
From Swidden to Labour Migration : An Interim Report of a Research on the Labour Migration of the Mien-Yao of Thailand
Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University Section III : Social Sciences      1999
Migration by Swiddeners and Migration by Ancestors : The Ethnicity and Migration of the Mien of Northern Thailand.
Southeast Asian Studies      1998

Books etc

Current Trends and Issues in the Use of Historical Resources in China(Senri Ethnological Reports 142).
The National Museum of Ethnology   Nov 2017   ISBN:978-4-906962-56-3
Songs and Rituals of the Mien-Yao.
Apr 2016   ISBN:978-4-86429-364-8
Written cultures in Mainland Southeast Asia.(Senri Ethnological Studies)
Suita:The National Museum of Ethnology   Mar 2009   ISBN:978-4-901906-67-4
Ecohistory of Monsoon Asia, vol.3, Ecohistory of Life and Body.
Kobundo(Tokyo)   May 2008   ISBN:978-4-335-52013-6
Politics of Ethnic Representation: Anthropological and Historical Studies on Southern China.
Fukyosha(Tokyo)   Mar 2008   ISBN:978-4-89489-124-1

Conference Activities & Talks

From Patrilineal Joint Families towards Nuclear Families: The Change of Household Structure in the Iu Mien (Yao) Society in Northern Thailand.
International Conference: Thai Studies through the East Wind.   Aug 2013   
The Boat-Sending Ritual of the Iu Mien (Yao) in Northern Thailand.
Dec 2011   
The change of Mien society and my research
Oct 2011   
The functions of Chinese literacy in the Iu Mien society of Northern Thailand.
国立民族学博物館「テクスト学の構築」国際シンポジウム 東南アジア大陸部の書承文化   Feb 2006   
The Labour Migration of the Mien Yao: Gneral Tendency and Case Studies.


A Study on the nuclear-familization and the change in the worship and ritual knowledge of the du-Mien of Northern Thailand
Labour Migration of Highlanders of Northern Thailand : Research on the Mien-Yao's Labour Migration and Its Social Influences.
Research on Recent Socio-Cultural Change of the Mien-Yao of Northern Thailand.
Field Research on the Folk Culture in Samegawa Village, Higashi-Shirakawa County, Fukushima Prefecture.
An Analysis of Ritual Documents of the Mien of Northern Thailand.