Yoshiko Kuba

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Yoshiko Kuba

Research Areas



XIX International Association of Time Use Research Conference, Sweden. Oct. 8, 1997, Some problems of"Monetar f Valuation of Unpaid Work"(Oral Presentation)
The theory of "Gemeinde"of Friedrich List(1)(2)
Hitotsubashi-Rons(]J1155[)   66(1-2)    1971
"Housework and Capital-A note on resent european studies-
Tokyo Gakugei University Bulletin   30    1978
Housework and a mode of Production
Keizai Hyoron.   28(3)    1979
Women's work and Reproduction
Keizai Hyoron.   33(11)    1984
The Welfare State and Gender Conflict
The Quanterly of Social Security Research   30(2)    1994
S. Himmelweit, The Dieconery of "Un-paid Work", -translation and Com-mentary-
U. S. -Japan Women's Journal   (20) 21   1996
Regulation Theory and Social Reproduction of Labour force
Tokyo Gakugei University Bulletin 48vol. 1997. Jan.   (48) 11   1997
Gender Bias About Paid Work and Unpaid Work in Japan Oral Presentation), International Seminar of Center for Pacific Asia Studies, and the Dept. of Sociology of Stockholm Univ.
Economics and Gender : The New Formation of Feminist Economics
Japanese Journal of Women's Studies   (5) 162-182   1999
Feminist Critque of "Rational Choice" - the Institutional Economy of Caring
Papers of the Third Annumal Conference of the Japan Association for Evolutionary Conference   31-40   1999
(]G0003[) Annual Comference of The Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, Feminist Critique of "Rational Choice" - Institutional Economy of Caring-(Oral Presentation)

Books etc

Economic Whitebook of People 1987-Social and Economic Restructuring in Japan and Women's Labour (Co-author)
Nihon Hyoronsha Press   1987   
Women's Studies, vol. IV(Co-author)
Keiso-Shobo Press   1987   
Women's New Work(Co-author)
Yuhikaku Press   1989   
The New Study of Women's Labour(Co-author)
Yuhikaku Press   1991   
Market, Public and Human Bebing (Co-author)
Daiichi-Shorin Press.   1992   
Labor and life in Global Age
Mineruba Press   1993   
Women and Social Security(Co-author)
Tokyo University Press   1993   
International Labour Migration and Foreiegn Labourer (Co-author)
D(]E87C7[)bun Kan   1994   
Feminization of labor force-Paradigm of 21centuries(co-editor)
Yuhikaku Press   1994   
Time Use Survey of Working Women
The Institute for Soience of Labour Press   1995   
Global Eononomy -"World-System" approach-
Mineruba Press   1995   
What is the price of Housework? -the evaluation of Unpaid Work(Co-author)
Iwanami Shoten   1999   

Association Memberships



Report of "World Economic Restructuring and International labour Migration" Co-stdies of "Kagaku Kenkyu-Hi Hojo" (1988-1990, Tokyo University)
1988 - 1990
World Economic Restructuring and International Labour Migration
1988 - 1990
Research on Time Use of Working Women
Women's Unpaid Work - International surrey and documents
1994 - 1995
Reseach on Statistics and Data of women and family (National Women's Educational Centre. Co-research)
"Work and Life of Communty Worker, "Research on Time Use of Kanagawa Network Group(Co-research)
Research on Work and Life of Informal and multiple Workers(Tokyo Metropolitan Women's Fund, 1998)
Paid work and Unpaid Work-Time Use Survey in Japan and Sweden
1998 - 1999
Research on Caring Work in Market Economy
2000 - 2001
Structural Analysis of Time Use in Gender Perspectives-Paid Work and Unpaid Work

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Economic theory of accumulation and labor in Capitalist Economy
Research on Caring Work in Market Economy
Ecomic and social evaluation of unpaid work
Research on Care labour in Marketeization
International Migration of female care worker