Ryoko ITO

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Ryoko ITO
Tokyo Gakugei University
Graduate School of Teacher Education

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo Gakugei University, Research Assistant
Tokyo Gakugei University, Assistant Professor


Math instrucion from the viewpoint of Universal Design:Teaching "Numbers and Formuras" to first-year students in a junior high school using analysis of difficulties.
Bulletin of Center for Reseach and Support of Educational Practice   第13集 133-141   Mar 2017
Changes over years based on the process of solving mathematical word problems in children having difficulty with mathematical word problems:From a follow-up survey for the period from the the first to forth gades in elementary school.
Japnese Journal of Clinical Developmental Psychology   第11巻 126-134   Dec 2016
Math Instruction from the Viewpoint of Universal Design: Teaching the Concepts of "Triangle and Square" to Second Graders
Bulletin of Center for the Research and Support of Educational Pravtice   12集 111-117   Mar 2016
Lesson-making from the viewpoint of Universal Design:Teaching literary texts on Japanese language and literary education
Bullein of Center for Research and Support of Educational Practice   11集 139頁-144頁   Mar 2015
A study on the effects of the group therapy for parents and children as early intervention
Japanese Journal of Medical and Phychological Study of Infants   21巻(第2号) 117-127   Dec 2012

Books etc

Aug 2012   
Understanding and intervention for children and people with autism spectrum disorders
Jan 2005   
Pathology and psychology of developmentally disordered children
Jan 2003   
Psychology on disorders
The Japanese Association on Disability and Handicap   Feb 1998   
Development of play behavior and communication in normal and retarded children.
Kazama Shobo   Jan 1998   


The study of developmental support for children with learning disabilities
1998 - 2001
The study of group therapy for children with high functioning autism
1998 - 2001