OTANI Yukitoshi

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OTANI Yukitoshi
Utsunomiya University
Center for Optical Research and Education (CORE)
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2016
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chou University
Apr 2015
Professor, Department of Optical Engineering, Utsunomiya University
:Optical Sciences Center, The University of Arizona , Visiting professor

Committee Memberships



Y.Otani, Y.Matsuba, T.Yoshizawa
4564 216-219   2001
Y.Otani, Y.Matsuba, A.Osaka
4902 83-86   2002
Y.Otani, M.Takahashi, L.Jin, H.Kowa, N.Umeda
5188    2003
Analysis of mechanical characteristics by birefringence microscope
M. Ebisawa, Y. Otani, N. Umeda
Proc.SPIE, Optomechatronic Actuators, Manipulation, and Systems Control   6374(637407)    2006
Light-driven micromanipulator and its application for 3D fabrications
Y. Otani, Y. Hirai, Y. Mizutani, N. Umeda
Proc.SPIE, Optomechatronic Actuators, Manipulation, and Systems Control   6374 63740N   2006

Books etc

Ellipsometry at the Nanoscale
Yasuhiro Mizutani, OTANI Yukitoshi (Part:Contributor, 8. Ellipsometry at the Nanostructure)
Springer   2013   
Handbook of 3D Machine Vision
OTANI Yukitoshi (Part:Contributor, Chapter 11 Uniaxial 3D Shape Measurement)
CRC press   2013   
Optical Nano and Micro Actuator Technology
George K. Knopf, OTANI Yukitoshi (Part:Joint Work)
CRC Press   2012   
Handbook of Optical Metorology, Principles and Applications
OTANI Yukitoshi (Part:Contributor, Chapter26 Birefringence Measurement)
CRC Press   2009   
Proceedings of SPIE Volume 7266 Optomechatronic Actuators and Manipulation IV, ISOT 2008 (2008).
SPIE   2008   
Proceedings of SPIE Volume 6715 -- Optomechatronic Actuators and Manipulation III
The Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers   2007   
Proceedings of SPIE 6374 Optomechatronic Actuators, Manipulation, and Systems Control
SPIE   2006   

Conference Activities & Talks

White light displacement sensor by spectro-polarization modulator.
Optis East, Two- and Three-Dimensional Methods for Inspection and Metrology IV   2006   
Spectroscopic Mueller Matrix Polarimeter by Two Liquid Crystal Polarization Modulator
Frontiers in Optics 2008/ OSA's annual meeting   2008   
Analysis of mechanical characteristics by birefringence microscope
Optics East, Optomechatronics Actuators and ManipulationII   2006   
Two-dimensional magnetic force actuator using temperature sensitive ferrite driven by light beam
Optics East, Optomechtoronics actuators and manipularion   2006   
Super oblique incidence interferometer using SWS prism
Precision interferometric metrology   2005   

Association Memberships



Optical isolator
1991 - 1991
Study on the acoustooptic frequency shifter
1990 - 1990
Acoustooptic modulator
1991 - 1991
Non-contact 3D shape measurement system(patent)
1993 - 1993
Plastic disk inspection

Research Grants & Projects

Three-dimensional shape measurement
Project Year: 1992   
Polarization Analysis
Project Year: 1992   
Optical driving actuator
Project Year: 1996   
Measurement of 2D birefringence dispersion
Project Year: 1994   
2D Birefringence, Measurement