KATO Makoto

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KATO Makoto
Former Institution / Organization Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Institute of Symbiotic Science and Technology Division of Ecosciences
Job title
Doctor(Agriculture)(The University of Tokyo), Ms of. Agr.(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


Measurement of near saturated hydraulic conductivity in situ,
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Numerical Study on Water Level Changes under Seasonal Water Table Fluctuations in Karez in Turfan Basib,China.
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Books etc

Effect of Irrigation Water on Paddy Water Quality.
TUAT   2003   
Desirt thechnology Handbook
MARUZEN co.ltd   2009   
Change in total concentration and the form of cadmium in paddy soil after pollution by cadmium-polluted irrigation water.
TUAT   2003   
Effect of Subsurface Irrigation Quota on Dynamic of Soil Water and Salt in Protected Field
TUAT   2005   
Effect of Dispersivity of Filling Material on performance of Contaminant Barrier.
TUAT   2005   


Studies of Farm Conservation on BOBATA area in FUKUSHIMA District. ((]G0001[)~(]G0004[))
1982 - 1982
Studies of protection and proliferation to A natural monument "Some Insectivorous Plants Stock on Narutoh and Tougane Area" in CHIBA.
1990 - 1990
Characteristics and problems of Upland Irrigation Agriculture in Loess Plantform, China.
1997 - 1997
A study on the Conservation the special natural monument "AKAI YACHI Wet Land",
1993 - 1993
Conservation of AKAI wet land.
1993 - 1993

Research Grants & Projects

Development of new automaticaly apparatus of soil aeration.
Project Year: 2004 - 2006
Soil consevation on yellow soils in China.
Project Year: 1999 - 2004
Ecosystem and Substance circulation in paddy field
Project Year: 2001 - 2003
Study on Refabilitaion of Kraz Systemes in Trofan Basin
Project Year: 2003 - 2009