WADA Setsuko

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WADA Setsuko
Former Institution / Organization The University of Electro-Communications Faculty of Electro-Communications Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas



Trapped H2O in SiO Condensate : An Explanation for the 3 Micron Band Observed toward the Galactic Center.
Astrophysical Journal (Letters)   375   1991
Infrared Spectrum of the Laboratory-Synthesized Quenched Carbonaceous Composite(QCC) : Comparison with the Infrared Unidentified Emission Bands.
Astrophysical Journal (Letters)   287 L51   1984
Quenched Carbonaceous Composite (QCC) : III. Comparison to the 3.29 Micron Interstellar Emission Feature.
Astrophysical Journal   353 543   1990
Infrared Spectrum of Quenched Carbonaceous Composite (QCC) : II. A New Identification of the 7.7 and 8.6 Micron Unidentified Infrared Emission Bands
Astrophysical Journal (Letters)   320 L63   1987
Quenched Carbonaceous Composite. Fluorescence Spectrum Compared to the Extended Red Emission Observed in Reflection Nebulae.
Astrophysical Journal (Letters)   393   1992

Books etc

Comparison of 3 Micron Features of Trapped H2O and H2O Frost in SiO Condensate with Observed Dust Feetures.
Origin and Evolution of Interplanetary Dust Kluwer Academic Publisher   1991   
Chemical, Optical and Infrared Properties of QCCs
Interstellar Dust Reidel Dordrecht   1989   
Plasma Chemistry in Celestial Condition
Plasma Chemistry   1984   
High spectral resolution observations of HD 44179 at 3.2-3.7 microns
Astrophysical Journal   1988   
Structure and uv absorption of QCCs : Carbonaceous dust analogues
Adv. Space Res.   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Experimental study of interstellar dust