ARAI Kazuhiro

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ARAI Kazuhiro
Ph.D(University of Illinois)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Economics


Economics, Graduate School, Division of Economics, University of Illinois


Wage Profiles: Shape and Variations
Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies   65(3) 244-258   1997
Cooperation, Job Security, and Wages in a Dual Labor Market Equilibrium
Journal of Socio-Economics   26(1) 39-57   1997
International Journal of Social Economics   25(2,3,4),399-409    1998
Demand for and Supply of Price Information in Markets for Consumer Goods
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics   27(1) 35-47   1986
The Cost of Living and the Seniority-Based Wage System in Japan
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics   29(1) 21-35   1988

Books etc

The Economics of Labor Marcket Institutions (in Japanese)
Chuo-keizai-sha   1996   
Lifetime Employment and the Japanese Culture (in Japanese)
Chuo-koron-sha   1997   
The Economics of Culture (in Japanese)
Bungeishunju   2000   
Microeconomic Theory (in Japanese)
Yuhikaku   1999   
Fundamental Microeconomics (in Japanese)
Chuo-keizai-sha   2000   

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Japanese Organization and Labor Market Institutions
Economics of Education
Cultural Economics