HARADA Hiroshi

HARADA Hiroshi

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HARADA Hiroshi
PhD.(Hokkaido University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Yokohama National University Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Course of Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Sciences,Course of Environmental Sciences,Faculty of Education and Human Sciences,Yokohama National University


Faculty of Education, Yokohama National University


Biozonotische beziehungen zwischen den pflanzengesellschaften und ihrer Bodenfauna, besonders Oribatidengesellschaften (共著)
HARADA Hiroshi
Berichte der Internationalen Symposien der Internationalen Verinigung f(]J1168[)r Vegetationskunde      1977
Vegetational diversity and oribatid mite communities in a grass of Yokohama, central Japan (共著)
HARADA Hiroshi
Bulletin of the Yokohama Phytosociological Society      1979
Eco-maps as sources of information and for evaluation of the synbiotic environment (共著)
HARADA Hiroshi
Proceeding of V International Congress of Ecology      1990
Vegetation mapping in Shin-Yokohama district of Yokohama City in the early Meiji Era and the changes of vegetation during 115 years. (共著)
HARADA Hiroshi
ECO-HABITAT   5(1) 1-11   1998
Forest distribution of Yokohama City in the early Meiji Era read from original survey drawings for Jinsoku-ju.
HARADA Hiroshi
ECO-HABITAT   6 79-85   1999

Research Grants & Projects

Ecological distribution of oribatid mites in the subalpine and alpine zones
Project Year: 1979 - 2001
Bioindicators of soil animals
Project Year: 1985   
Vegetation mappinig in the Meiji Era and changes in vegetation landscape
Project Year: 1993   
Structure and function of evergreen broad-leaved environmental protection forest
Project Year: 1995