ONO Akira

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ONO Akira
Meiji University
Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties
Job title
Professor (non-tenured)
Ph. D.(Hokkaido University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo Metropolitan University Professor Emeritus
Apr 2010
Mar 2016
Meiji University Center for Obsidian and Lithic Studies Director, Prof. Dr.


Apr 1964
Mar 1969
Department of History and Geography, Faculty of Literature, Meiji University

Awards & Honors

Aug 2009
Japan Association for Quaternary Research Award

Published Papers

Two patterns of obisidian exploitation in the Upper Palaeolihtic of the Japanese islands
ONO Akira
The Dolni Vestonice Studies   20 41-44   2014   [Refereed]
Modern hominids in the Japanese Islands and the early use of obsidian: the case of Onbase Islet.
World Heritage Papers, UNESCO (in Press)   (39) 154-160   2014   [Invited]
Anthropological Science (Japanese Series)   119(1) 1-8   Jun 2011
The Quaternary Research   50 85-94   Apr 2011
Obsidian in the natural resource environment:a methodological perspective
Natural Resource Environment and Humans   (1) 1-8   Mar 2011
Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia   4(28) 38-47   2006
Veröffentlichungen des Landesamtes für Archäologie Sachsen-Anhalt-Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte, Band 57/II(Festschrift für Dietrich Mania)
Fracture patterns and classification of flaked bone tools in the Palaeollithic.SS.434-440
Radiocarbon dates and archaeology of the Late Pleistocene in the Japanese islands.
Sato, H., Tsutsumi, T., and Kudo, Y.,
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Issues of Palaeolithic Cultures in Northeast Japan
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The Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences,Fribourg University Press, Switzerland.
Partnership in Archaeology: Perspectives of a Cross-Cultural Dialogue.   75-79   1997


Earthquake and disaster in prehistory
Quarterly of Archaeological Studies   59(1) 10-14   Jun 2012
A Comment on “The Balance of Trade in Southwestern Asia in the Mid-Third Millennium B. C.” by Philip L. Kohl
Current Anthropology   19(3) 481   1978

Books etc

Recent Palaeollithic Studies in Japan: Proceedings for tainted evidence and restoration of confidence in the Pleistocene archaeology of the Japanese archipelago.
Recent studies of the Late Palaeolithic industries in the Japanese islands.28-46

Conference Activities & Talks

Acquisition patterns of obsidian at the Upper Palaeolithic Mattobara site in north-central Japan.
ONO Akira
International Obsidian Conference(IOC) 2019, 28 May, Saros   28 May 2019   
Science and Obsidian:An international perspective [Invited]
ONO Akira
EAST MEETS WEST: The Archeology of Obsidian and Fllint   15 Jul 2016   
The impact of source studies on archaeology: a view form the Japanese islands. [Invited]
ONO Akira
InternationalObosidian Conference (IOC) 2016, Lipari,Italy.   1 Jun 2016   
Bone material procurement and tool-making technology on the Palaeolithic:a view form lithics.
ONO Akira
IXth INQUA Congress,Nagoya   29 Jul 2015   
Northeast Asian record of early symbolic records. [Invited]
ONO Akira
57th Anual meeting of Hugo Obermaier-Gesellschaft,   7 Apr 2015   


Editorial activity of special issue for "Quaternary International" The title of special issue: Paleoenviornmental changes and human dispersals in North and East Asia during MIS3 and MIS2
The Others   Oct 2009