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Shimane University
Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine

Research Interests



Effects of heat acclimation on diurnal changes in body temperature and locomotor activity in rats.
J. Physiol. (Lond)   (433) 59-71   1991
Shifts in the hypothalamic temperature of rats acclimated to direct internal heat load with different schedules.
J. thermal Biol.   16(5) 267-271   1991
Temperature regulation during acute heat loads in rats after short-term heat exposure.
J. Appl. Physiol.   71(6) 2107-2113   1991
Heat loss response in rats acclimated to heat loaded intermittently.
J. Appl. Physiol.   68(1) 66-70   1990
Thermoregulatory responses to acute body heating in rats acclimated to continuous heat exposure.
J. Appl. Physiol.   68(1) 59-65   1990

Books etc

Heat-acclimation methods affect the direction of shift of set-point in temperature regulation in rats.
Thermal Physiology 1989, Elsevier Publishers BV   1989   
Downward shifts of threshold body core temperatures for heat loss and heat production in rats after heat exposure given for hours at a fixed time once a day.
Body Temperature and Metabolism, IPEC   1995   
Thermoregulatory respanses to intraperitoneal heating in exercise trained rats.
Body temperature and Metabolism, IPEC   1995   
Expression of C-Fos in the rat brain during thermal stimulations
Body Temperature and Metabolism, IPEC   1995   
Effect of Exercise intensity on finger and forearm skin blood flow
Body Temperature and metabolism, IPEC   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Thermoregulation of Heat-Acclimated Subjects
Thermoregulation during Exercise
Determination of human cryogen