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Kyushu University
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(BLANK)(The University of Tokyo)

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Theoretical study on vesiculation and crystallization of magma, Volcanological Society of Japan Award, Volcanological Society of Japan


Masatoshi Ohashi, Mie Ichihara, Atsushi Toramaru
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research   364 59-75   Sep 2018
© 2018 The Authors We investigate the transient behavior of bubble deformation in magma. Previous studies have used the relationships between capillary number and equilibrium shape for a single bubble under either steady simple shear or steady pur...
Yu Iriyama, Atsushi Toramaru, Tetsuo Yamamoto
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth   123 2199-2213   Mar 2018
©2018. The Authors. Stratigraphic variation in the grain size distribution (GSD) of plinian pyroclastic fall deposits reflects volcanic activity. To extract information on volcanic activity from the analyses of deposits, we propose a one-dimension...
Kyohei Sano, Atsushi Toramaru
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research   341 158-171   Jul 2017
© 2017 Elsevier B.V. To reveal the cooling process of a rhyolite–obsidian flow, we studied the morphology of plagioclase microlites in the Tokachi–Ishizawa lava of Shirataki, northern Hokkaido, Japan, where the structure of the lava can be observe...
O. Namur, Bénédicte Abily, Alan E. Boudreau, Francois Blanchette, John W.M. Bush, Georges Ceuleneer, B. Charlier, Colin H. Donaldson, Jean Clair Duchesne, M. D. Higgins, D. Morata, Troels F.D. Nielsen, B. O’Driscoll, K. N. Pang, Thomas Peacock, Carl J. Spandler, Atsushi Toramaru, I. V. Veksler
Layered Intrusions   75-152   Jan 2015
© Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2015. Layering is a common feature in mafic and ultramafic layered intrusions and generally consists of a succession of layers characterized by contrasted mineral modes and/or mineral textures, including...
Atsushi Toramaru
Earth and Planetary Science Letters   404 190-199   Oct 2014
I conducted numerical experiments to evaluate the condition for the second nucleation of bubbles when a sudden change in the decompression rate occurs in magmas with preexisting bubbles. I took into account homogeneous nucleation and diffusive bub...

Books etc

Vesiculation and crystallization of magma:Fundamentals of Volcanic Eruption Process
University of Tokyo Press   Feb 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Physics of magmatic processes
Basic Science Research Program
Pattern formation in geologic phenomena
Basic Science Research Program