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Former Institution / Organization University of Fukui Faculty of Education and Regional Studies Science and Mathematics Education
(BLANK), 博士(学術)

Research Areas



A Four Step Process for Meeting of the Needs of ALL Students in the Geomery Classroom.
(Journal of the California Mathematics Council) Communicator   16(2)    1991
A Geometry Classroom Where the Students Can Make Propositions and Their Proofs at the Same Time by Their Own Effort.
Journal of Science Education in Japan   18(2) 74-80   1994
Recent Development of Primary School Teaching Materials and Mathods for Japanese Hearing- and Speech- Impaired Students in Regular Mathematics Programs
Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, Center for Teaching/Learning of Mathematics.   21(1) 35-43   1999
An Audio-Visual Test for Promotion of the Thinking Ability and Its Application to the Math Classes
Proceeding of International conference on Psychology of Mathematics E      1986
Measurement and Evaluation of Five Activities in Constructing Mathematical Proposition
Research Report of JET Conferences   93(1) 19-24   1993

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Teaching Material and Teaching Method of Mathematics with Framework for Representing Thinking Process
Visualizaing Geometrical Thinking
Mathematics Lesson on the Basis of Thinking Activity That Does Not Rely on a Mathematical Language