ARAI Noriko

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ARAI Noriko
University of Fukui
Faculty of Education and Regional Studies
Job title
修士(教育学)(Kanazawa University), 博士(学術)(Japan Women's University)

Research Areas



家政教育専攻, Graduate School, Division of Education, Kanazawa University
生活芸術科, Faculty of Home Economics, Japan Women's University
社会学科, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science (Humanities), Tokyo Woman's Christian University


Empowering Problem Solving Literacy within Home Economics Teachers: The Development of a Teacher Training Lesson Program and its Evaluation in the Framework of 'The Teacher License Renewal Program'
Noriko Arai, Keiko Takeuchi, Yoshiko Matsuda, Mayuko Suzuki, Tomoko Watahiki
Journal of the Japan Association of Home Economics Education   57(3) 152-163   2014
Developing Home Economics Curricula to Nurture Consumer Citizenship for Sustainable Development
E-Book-Grobal Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Consumer Citizens      2008
Home Economics Education Nurtures Students' Sense of Self-Esteem: An Analysis of Students' Views
Arai Noriko, Mariko Oshima
Human Perspectives on Sustainable Future      2006
Lesson practice and teachers' views on citizenship and gender: focusing on home economics and civics in Japan
Noriko Arai, Tomoko Ohta
International Journals of Consumer Studies   29(4) 342-351   2005
Nurturing Independence and Collaboration among Home and Society from the Perspective of Gender Equity
N. Arai
福井大学教育地域科学部紀要 第V部第40号、1~8頁      2001

Books etc

Home Economics Education in Japan 2012(分担執筆:3 The Advancement of Home Economics Education in Post-war Era, 4 Home Economics Education and Issues in Contemporary Living from the Perspectives of Gender and Citizenship)
Japan Association of Home Economics Education   2012   ISBN:978-4-900858-23-7
Creating Home Economics Futures, The Next 100 years(分担執筆:What did we learn from the 3-11 Disaster and How do we Need to Reconsider a Sustainable Life?)
Australian Academic Press   2012   ISBN:9781921513961
Home Economics Education in Japan(分担執筆:3 The Advancement of Home Economics Education in Post-war Era, 4 Home Economics Education and Issues in Contemporary Living)
Japan Association of Home Economics Education   2004   
Coeducational Home Economics Education and Sex Equality in Japan : Youth, Family and Household
Schneider Verlag Hohengehren   1993   

Conference Activities & Talks

High school students' consciousness and conditions of "Literacy in human relations" and how it relates to home economics
International Federation for Home Economics XXII World Congress   2012   
The 2011 East japan earthquake and home economics education:Lesson from the disaster on competencies to be developed
International Federation fro Home Economics XXII World Congress   2012   
Home economics as citizenship education-The creative challenge of curriculum and practice-
ss   2012   


The development of a learning Program on the topic of Welfare & Elderly in the Home Economics Curriculum
1996 - 1998

Research Grants & Projects

Curriculum Studies on critical theory and critical science in home economics education