OHTA Junichi

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OHTA Junichi
University of Fukui
Doctor of Engineering(Hokkaido University)

Research Areas



Mar 1984
Hokkaido University

Committee Memberships

Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  代表会員(評議員)
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  流体工学部門運営委員
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  福井県幹事(商議員)
The Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow  councilor
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  ニューズレター 編集委員長

Awards & Honors

Award of Technical Paper for SHASE, Award of Technical Paper for SHASE
Winner: Hiroshi Taniguchi, Kazuhiko Kudo, Keisuke Kasahara, Junichi Ohta

Published Papers

Velocities of acoustic streaming in a solid-liquid mixture generated by an ultrasonic wave (particles and particle concentration)
J.Ohta, M.Iguchi, M.Onaru
Journal of Fluid Science and Technology   9(1) 42014-42022   Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Effects of Ultrasonic Waves Produced by a Disk Transducer on Behavior of Microbubbles and Solid Particles in a Liquid (Distributions and Velocities of Microbubbles and Acrylic Particles)
Transaction of JSME   79(807) 2397-2408   Nov 2013   [Refereed]
Image measurements of acoustic streaming of liquid with bubbles formed in cylindrical pipe (simultaneous measurements of gas liquid and solid-liquid velocities)
Y.Fujii, S.Iwamoto, K.Miura, N.Shioya, S.Inoue, J. Ohta
Poster-3-08   Nov 2013
Velocities of Acoustic Streaming in a Solid-Liquid Mixture Generated by an Ultrasonic Wave (Irradiation Time and Particle Shape)
Transaction of JSME   78(787) 504-512   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Velocity Measurements of Acoustic Streaming in a Solid-Liquid Mixture Generated by an Ultrasonic Waves
M. Onaru, M. Iguchi, Y. Sasaki, R.Kimura, J.Ohta
P11   Nov 2011


J.Ohta, M. Iguchi, M. Onaru
Journal of Fluid Science and Technology   9(1) 1-10   2014
太田 淳一, 生水出 淳史, 村井 祐一, 山本 富士夫
日本機械学会論文集(B編), 68, 668, No.01-1176, 1095-1103      2002
Bubble Behavior in a Horizontal Narrow Divergent Passage (One-Dimensional Approximate Analysis)
J.Ohta, F.Yamamoto, M.Koketsu
Heat Transfer-Asian Research, 28(2), 102-114      1999
J. Ohta, T. Fujii, K. Akagawa, N.Takenaka
International Journal of Multiphase Flow   19(1) 125-136   1993

Books etc

Handbook for Multiphase Flow(Part:Contributor, Chapter 3 Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow)
Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd   2004   ISBN:4254201176

Conference Activities & Talks

Behavior of microbubbles in a liquid under ultrasonic irradiation (Sound pressure profile and forces)
Y. Yamashita,R. Kurachi, Y. Dono, J. Ohta
International Symposium on Advanced and Mechanical and Power Engineering, 2016   28 Oct 2016   
超音波照射下にある液中気泡の液流動に及ぼす影響 (MBとキャビテーション気泡)
藤井祐貴, 井上創作, 垣内裕貴, 塩谷尚大, 太田 淳一
Jul 2014   
藤井祐貴, 井上創作, 垣内裕貴, 塩谷尚大, 太田 淳一
May 2014   
鈴木 宏彰, 垣内 裕貴, 谷口 徹郎, 太田 淳一
May 2014   
円筒容器内に生じる気泡を伴う音響流 (気液と固液の速度の同時計測)
岩本翔平, 藤井佑貴, 三浦清貴, 太田 淳一
Aug 2013