TERADO Setsuro

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TERADO Setsuro
Chuogakuin University
Faculty of Education & Human Sciences
Job title
MC(Waseda University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Commerce, Waseda University
Faculty of Management, Kobe University


The Relationship between Performance Fluctuations and incentive-intensity in Japanese Manufacturing Firms
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   6(2) 200-207   2005
The Adaptation of Business Education to the Lifelong Learning and Knowledge Economic Society: On the Promotion of accounting Information Utilizing Ability and Motivation of Bookkeeping and Accounting Learning in High School
Studies in Curriculum Research and Development   (22) 55-67   2004
The Informative Value of Managerial Performance Accounting for Manufacturing Firms in Japan
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   5(2) 148-155   2004
Informative Value of Managerial Performance Accounting for Manufacturing Firms in Japan: Under the Skill-Grade System
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   6(1) 85-92   2004
Basic Design of Accounting Scorekeeping Systems with a Spreadsheet Program
The bulletin of the YINS   5    2002

Books etc

Modern English-Japanese Dictionary, 3rd ed.(share authored)
Dobunkan Pub.   2006   
Fundamentals of Management Control Information, 2nd ed.
Sankeisha   2003   
Comparative Institutional Analysis of Performance Accounting Systems' Adaptation to the Management Environment
Tagashupan   2003   
Fundamentals of Management Control Information
Sankeisha   2002   
Performance Information and Risksharing
Dictionary of Management Accounting   2000   


Study on Efficiency Increment of Kofu City Administration
Joint Research on Economy of Yamanashi Prefecture
1989 - 1991
Joint Research on Infrastructure Improvement of Industrial
1987 - 1988
Research on Yamanashi Prefecture's Infrastructure for Highly Industrialization from the Standpoint of Entered Firms

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Performance Appraisal Accounting System Design
Study on Telecommunication Segment Accounting Information
Comparative Institutional Analysis of Management Accounting Systems
Research on Performance Accounting Contingency on Organization Structure