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Word as Symbol/Sign in the Classroom
(1) 21-29   Mar 2019


Do Teacher work in healthy Condition ? -Double-Check Research of Obscenity Perpetrated by Teacher as Social Deviance-
榊原 禎宏, 森脇 正博
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   120/1-10    2012
Re-Discussion on Decision-Making in School Organisation
榊原 禎宏
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   118/17-26    2011
Re-Architecture of Teacher Training and Development in School
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
Contemporary School Study   29/35-44    2011
What leads Student's "Pen Spinning" in the Class ?-Non-Institution in Classroom from the View of Non-Verbal Communication-
Yoshihiro Sakakibara, 池本 淳子, 出来 正晃, 西村 府子, 守山 雅史, 森脇 正博
center for educational research and training Kyoto university of education   11/197-207    2011
A Study on Setting up School Autonomy and “Pedagogical Freedom”
榊原 禎宏, 辻野けんま
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   119/155-167    2011
Why School Teacher do not like Silence-Educational Dilemma around Talking
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
center for educational research and training Kyoto university of education   10/213-219    2010
The Recognition Frame and Problems of the Study on Principal's Pernonnel Affairs
Journal of Educational Administration and Finance   37/38-43    2010
A View of the Mental Health of School Teachers -Acts of Obscenity Perpetrated by Teachers-
榊原 禎宏
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   116/1-7    2010
"Self-respond school" in Germany -Reexamination on School Autonomy-
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
contemporary school study   28/82-93    2010
Newly located Positions and the organizational Capacity of Schools
榊原 禎宏
Journal of Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration   52/15-25    2010
Another Choice for External Evaluation in School Evaluation
榊原 禎宏, 辻野けんま
Journal of Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration   52/80-95    2010
Non-Verbal Communication in Teacher Training
榊原 禎宏
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   117/51-62    2010
An Empirical Study on Recruitment and Placement of school Principals from the Point of Vie of their Teaching Subject
Yoshihiro Sakakibara, 浅田昇平, Chizuru MATSUMURA
Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education   114/87-103    2009
educational practice and public education administration as management of emotion
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
center for educational research and training Kyoto university of education   9/171-176    2009
bottleneck for external evaluation of school evaluation in Japan -Analogy with discussion on competence for teacher
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
contemporary school study   27/77-85    2009
Contemplating Perspectives and Requirements for School Leader Educationfrom the Case of Kyoto University of Educartion
榊原 禎宏
Bulletin of School Administration   34/11-16    2009
Issue on School Development in Germany- focused on Human Development-
榊原 禎宏, 辻野けんま
Journal of JASEA   51/150-161    2009
Consideration and Emotion in Off-the-Job Development Program of Teachers
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
journal of applied educational research   13/159-165    2008
Around the division of school work and staff's professional development
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
contemporary school study   26/1-8    2008
Metaphor on organisation structure of school
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
京都教育大学紀要   113/101-114    2008
How does the School Calendar influence on Professional Sport Players? -A Study in the Field of Baseball in U.S.A and Soccer in Italy related to its Educational Implication compared with it in Japan
Yoshihiro Sakakibara, 尾見 康博
Bulletin of the Faculty of Education & Human Sciences   7(2)/189-192    2006
Curriculum and Practice in Teacher Education under revised Teacher License Act
Yoshihiro Sakakibara
教育行財政研究   32/67-70    2005

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