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The University of Electro-Communications Graduate School of Informatics and Engineering, School of Informatics and Engineering, "Department of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, Cluster II (Emerging Multi-interdisciplinary Engineering)" Professor
Bachelor of Engineering(Hunan University)
Master of Engineering(Yamanashi University)
Docter of Engineering(The University of Tokyo)

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1. Research fields: Mechanism and Control of Robot, Development of Mechatronic Systems

2. Basic philosophy
"Smart Mechanism and Fitted Control" by Mechatronic and Sysmetic Approach

3. Previous Research
*Planar SCARA Robo
A planar SCARA robot for the purpose of precise CP control has been developed, with a synthetic design of mechanism, controller, etc. For details, please refer to the following paper.
A. Ming, T. Ito and H. Makino: Development of high-accuracy and high speed SCARA robot for CP control, Journal of JSPE, Vol.59 No.11, pp.1865-1870(1993.11) (in Japanese)

*Spherical SCARA Robot
As an extension of planar SCARA robot to 3-D space, spherical SCARA robot has been developed. As an application of the robot, a 3-D robotic machining system for industrial art objects has been developed also.
This robot and robotic machining system are commercially available.

*Wire Parallel Mechanism
A general description on the design and control of wire parallel mechanism is given and two kinds of wire parallel mechanisms have been developed.
For details, please refer to following papers.
A.Ming and T.Higuchi: Study on Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Positioning Mechanism Using Wires ( Part 1) - Concept, Design and Control- , Int. J. of JSPE, Vol.28 No.2, pp.131-138(1994.6)
A.Ming and T.Higuchi: Study on Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Positioning Mechanism Using Wires ( Part 2) - Development of a Planar Completely Restrained Positioning Mechanism-, Int. J. of JSPE, Vol.28 No.3, pp.235-242(1994.9)
A.Ming, M.Kajitani and T.Higuchi: On the Design of Wire Parallel Mechanism, Int. J. of JSPE,Vol.29 No.4, pp.337-342(1995.12)



Books and Other Publications

  • 明 愛国(Role: Joint author, 第4章第3節 圧電繊維複合材料を用いた生物模倣型ソフト水中ロボットの研究開発)
    S & T出版社  11 8, 2016 
  • Aiguo Ming, Wenjing Zhao(Role: Joint author, Chapter 7: Design of Biomimetic Soft Underwater Robots)
    Springer  7 2016 (ISBN: 9783319321547) 
  • Aiguo Ming, Chunquan Xu(Role: Joint author, Chapter 4: Human-Inspired Hyperdynamic Manipulation)
    TAYLOR & FRANCIS  12 2011 



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